Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do we RELATE? If not then this SHIP has sailed....

RE-LA-TION...SHIP. The words speaks for it self. We relate to ourselves very well. How we RELATE to another being can become tricky. Do we give ourselves selflessly, wholesome, and humbly or do we give scarcely, being conscious of how much we give, do we let them down with affection, admiration, love, support.

The relationships we foster over time with individuals sometimes loose the zest and life they once possessed and it disappears without you giving a second thought as to how to fix it. This is when you have given up and you are just co-existing. You never ever want to just "be" in anything..and not adding on in some way.

If you are in a relationship and I do not care HOW LONG it has been. You can have children, have a house, share assets, WHATEVER..if that person does not care enough to make an attempt to make the relationship between the two of you better then you two have nothing RELATE-ABLE any more and it is time for a new beginning.

I have never been one to settle for ANYTHING. I think this can be a blessing and a curse but at the end of it all, I can live with me and I am usually smiling more than frowning. I love myself way too much to stay in anything that is causing me discomfort and pain. So when I naturally see those in my life going through these emotions, yes it is very easy for me to say "MOVE ON". "Leave it alone" Let go...and LET GOD. Only because I know the long term benefit, and you will thank yourself later.

We make things more complicated than they need to be. We like to bring religion, morale, and all these other man made ideas into play when we know what we need to do in our hearts. We usually know the answer to what we need to do to make us happy and fulfill OUR destiny the way it should be, but we stall and we wait and we say its not the right time, and we take everyone's feelings and thoughts, along with what they are going to think into consideration before we actually DO what WE need to do.

Well I got news for you....Time is of the essence. Life is not promised and whatever you see for yourself, adhere to making it happen TODAY because your tomorrow may never come, and that is just the simple truth.

Live for you and your children if you have them. Go and chase every opportunity like it's your only mission in life. Get that career you always wanted, Get that man you always wanted, Let go of that man who treats you like an OPTION, Love the woman you have the right way before she gets its from some place else, Go have dinner with your closest girlfriend, Spend the day with your boys and just relax, Have a conversation with your parents, Ask your children how was their day and LISTEN. Be one with yourself and take time to listen to what is really going on in your brain.

BE EXTRA-ORDINARY....Being average is for the ordinary people.

Love you all!

Have a safe and marvelous weekend!


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