Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bag full of Foes?

How many people can you call on if you really was stuck in a jam? Would you be able to put your closest friends names in a hat and just pick one and feel sure knowing they would be there...or would you have to really carefully strategically think about who could I call in this time of need?

I think this is absolutely ridiculous when you have a nice group of close friends and not one of them is willing to try to assist you in your time of need. Many people will let their ego get in the way of them wanting to ask a favor from someone who they think to be a close friend, but why?

If you cannot ask your closest friends for favors without them being less than happy to do them, then why are they close to you? Most likely this type of friend is a selfish, pompous individual who is looking out for his or her own best interest at all times and you or anyone else just exists in their world.

I think it is healthy to learn to say NO to those who never seem to reciprocate your friendship. If you are always over-extending yourself, and making sure the relationship between the you two of you is cozy and fit then make room in your life for that person to show what they can do for the relationship as well.

If there is anything we know about "People", they will do exactly what you allow them to do. Start to set the standard high in your friendships as well as intimate relationships. If you don't set the tone for you and what is expected then who will. Blame yourself and yourself only when you are treated less than fair, disrespected, abused or mistreated in any shape or form. You allowed it to happen. Point blank.

Of course some people come from years of emotional abuse from childhood and their self-esteems are damaged inside out and they do not have that strong persona to shut down any non-sense from anyone. In this case, the time is now. Learn to stand strong and to be your number one fan.

People are so disposable its ridiculous. They love you today and hate you tonight. But if you are in love with yourself the way you won't miss it at all.

Enjoy your weekend and be amongst the living!


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