Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Small Voice..BIG deal....

When it is all said in done, minus material things, minus our careers, minus our positions in the world, minus religion and minus race...we are simply human beings. I think many of us forget this...We are just that FIRST. A form of species. We are a species, an animal. We have the great abilities to create, invent and inspire unlike any other animal on the planet. We really are the only species on this planet that has so much freedom.

I experienced an interesting relationship 3 months ago with an individual that lasted a week...A WHOLE WEEK! It started off mellow and ended harshly. It was funny because our relationship really lasted a week! Why? Because I ended it and I was at peace with my decision. I had enough courage and wisdom to say this is just not going to work out anymore. I do not like the way you have been treating me on a HUMAN level, I do not like the way you speak to me on a HUMAN level, and I do not like the respect, concern and care you show me on a HUMAN level. So this has to be over.

Is it easy to do this? Absolutely not! The same way you can tell when something is just off in your body, or something is not quite right with your food, or you know you don't belong someplace but you stay anyway going against your gut, is the same way you know when a person just will not work and fit into your world. I have been the one who will force this sometimes for the benefits that may come from having someone in my life, but then you realize the detriment it causes in the long run is not worth it.

So what have I learned from that. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS listen to your instinct and the small voice that speaks to you. I am blessed that mine talks so loud and clear that I sometimes have to close my eyes and say OK...you are tooo loud! Then some of us have that tiny voice going off all the time and you have learned to ignore it so well that it sounds like humming and it never works for you.

I believe that the little voice is the tunnel or the channel line between you and GOD, or whatever higher power you believe in. I believe that once you really take a minute and listen to it, you will find that the little voice will never ever steer you wrong and always has your best interest in mind.

We don't take enough time to be still and to listen to the messages that come all throughout the day. It takes discipline and will to really WANT to do this, but once you do it, it is soo worth it.

Be loyal to you, Stay True to you, and keep people, places and things out of YOU that are no good for your advancement in life. All you have is...YOU! When things happen ...you can always look to yourself for why.

PAY ATTENTION while you are still here...it goes by fast.


Happy Tuesday!!!


Anonymous said...

Dee I was just having this convo the other day. Its so often we go against our "gut" and "small voice" I think because we WANT the reality they keeps shining thru to really be something different...we make excuses because we want something or someone to really be something or someone else. Especially with people I think often times especially when feelings and emotions get involved we see ppl for who we want them to be and in doing this we overlook who they really are and who they are really showing us they are..and the same can be said about situations. But I know for a FACT that if we stop seeing everything with our "I really want this thing or person to be like this" filter/goggles, that our lives would be a lot easier...I'm glad u touched on this topic...its a good reassurement on my end...

Anonymous said...

From reading this, you've solidified my hunch that you've wasted far too much time and energy trying to convince yourself that your selfish decisions are actually admirable, that your excessive ego is 'self-love' and your deception was self righteous.

You should put your time towards qualities deserving of the response you so needily chase, like commitment, dedication, and honesty.

Truly aspiring to be a better person is far more rewarding then this 'pretend' game you play.

Just because you repeat something over and over again, doesn't make it true...