Thursday, September 3, 2009


There is this Philospher and Psychologist, called William James that once said " The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook". How fitting and true this is.

How many times can we think of when someone got under our skin, did something out of character, made us feel belittled and put a damper on our day over non-sense? It happens way more often than we would like...and the worst part is it can happen with those closest to us. This presents a dilemma because when someone is close to you and shares an important part of our life, we have to be wise about "which battles we fight".

In relationships, this is more common, and married couples will be the first to tell you "choose your battles wisely". WHY? because many times when you are fuming and red at something at that moment, once you give yourself a moment to cool down and to think about the situation, you realize it was not worth the time and effort to begin with.

Our circumstance, mind frame, and external forces can sometimes play a role in the way we receive certain information. It is in our best interest to never react off of initial emotion. In the heat of the moment you can allow things to shoot from your mouth that you can never take back, and if enough words are spoken venomously it can put a dent in the lifeline of the relationship you have with that person.

Stop, Breathe and Think about how you wanna handle your next hiccup. Is it worth overlooking or pulling out the big ones? The decision we make in the moment will affect our tomorrow's. Life is all a series of our best moves....what is your next one?

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