Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evolution is necessary...

Thank goodness just like the world in which we live, we as people evolve. If I was still the same person I was 10 years ago, who am I kidding, even 5 years ago, I might as well pack up my things and live in a hut in Tibet. I have grown, evolved and accelerated my life so much, with my own doing, that I am proud to be in the space I am in. I can say I have grown and committed myself to making moves with my life and the direction I want it to go.

It is so easy to be trapped in a life of habit. Habits that promote activities and occurrences in your life that are not in your best interest. Not all of our habits are always bad, but we might not realize by overindulging in some of these habits, it can do more harm than anything.

Surrounding ourselves around certain people and their habits can cause problems for us as well. Shouldn't it be crucial for us to constantly evolve and introduce new things into our worlds for us to thrive? New information, new books, new people, positive people, people making a difference, people following through with their goals people who are about more than just themselves.

Evolution is key to your existence. Life keeps going, moving, reaching and we must stay in the race. Lets always go against the "No's" and make whatever we want happen for ourselves. Who says we cant?

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