Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Is it OK to say that I love me some beautiful black women! No I am not a Lesbian. I just love women who embrace their womaness and feel free to be the woman that they are naturally.

There is something about the scent of a woman. The touch of a woman. The kiss of a woman. The hug, the advice, the essence. It gets even more fun and I am in full gratitude when a woman embraces her femininity. She loves to be clean. Smell good, Dress sharp, have flawless hair, nails, and posture.

It does not matter what size you are. We come in all shapes. Small, Petite, Tall, slim, round, curvy...it is a beautiful thing to compliment and flatter who you are. It baffles me to see women who do not put an ounce at all into their appearance and make an effort to try to be the fly, powerful, queen that is in her. That does not happen by playing small at any level.

Make noise with your ambition. Let laziness and lack of motivation never catch you.

Make regular deposits into YOU!

Love the skin you are in!!!!


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