Thursday, October 8, 2009

Relate, Regroup & Release,

As I drove back to my house today after getting some breakfast, I noticed a couple in a Maxima. The young man was in the passenger seat and the girl was driving. As she pulled up to the front of the train station, she got out and so did he, in which she held the door and he got into the drivers seat. It was obvious she was on her way to work and he was taking her car, to go about his day.

The problem for me was not in the fact that she was basically giving him her car while she was at work, but how when she got out he didn't even acknowledge her. No goodbye kiss, no hug, not even a "have a great day". That was the problem.

So many times..and more often than usual I find my ladies OVER extending themselves to the men in their lives. They do, do and do some more...not receiving the littlest reciprocation from their men. I have seen situations where the man does not even get up and TRY to earn money to help the woman who breaks her back day in and day out to make sure the bills are paid. What sort of life is this?

I am not saying that we should live in old school traditions in all areas in our lives but a man should want to provide and add on for his lady and family (if they have one) and if he does not, and you are doing EVERYTHING then where is the team work or strength in that. To make matters worst, when she is out here bettering herself and her life, his attitude is very non-chalet and he does not praise you and make you feel appreciated as he should.

I felt so bad for the young lady today because it was as if she was waiting for her guy to do something...say something...and he just pulled off. As a woman, no words had to be said, no background information had to be given, no was an unsaid disappointment, and let down of expectations..something I believe all of us women have felt at some point in our lives from the one we love.

I pray for my women and my girls who give give and give to men who don't deserve it. So for those who take our nurturing, our catering nature and our selflessness for granted, regroup and release them. They do not deserve the goodness that God works through you.

Find someone who is a reflection of the light you give off and don't be afraid to be alone either. It is when we finally let go of something, that the most beautiful blessings are welcomed unexpectedly into our lives.



Unbreakable said...

I am in two minds about this post as you may be reading into the situation too much; sometimes things might appear to be not what it actually is. That woman could simple ne his sister, cousin, or any other family member.

Another way to look at this is it just might simple be that the guy is running late and unconsciously jumped in the car and sped off. You always made the impression that this guys does not work. How did you come to this conclusion? You did not out rightly say it but it’s implied in your statement.

I am not inducing that you may be totally wrong in interpreting the situation but chances are you just might be. You also mentioned that men tend to don’t appreciate the efforts females makes that go out and work to make the family an home a better place, however this is not only true about one sex. It’s common on both so a general statement in my option was not the best way of coming across.

Fergster said...

Again you words speak so much truth, and I needed to see this. Going to forward this to my mother.
Thank you.