Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sometimes the best moments imaginable come out of complete silence with yourself. One of my biggest joys is reading a book that literally takes my breathe away, then placing the book down and breathing it all in.

It may not sound that eventful but there is nothing like an "aha" moment as Oprah defines it. An "Aha"" moment is when you allow yourself to open up to a message that has probably been staring you in the face the entire time but you just hadn't realized it until the actual moment you was supposed to grasp it, and that moment is your "Aha".

I am almost in complete euphoria when I am in this space. With all the distractions and shallow occurrences that happen in our lives daily, when we have time to sit and be with ourselves we rarely maximize on this opportunity. We do not even know how to do this. We start to get weary, fidget, and think about every thing else other than the NOW.

I am forcing myself to live in the NOW and appreciate every ounce of what this moment is compromised of. I am in a state of gratitude that I am blessed to still have this moment. It is mine for the taking. So many of us are not here in the physical any more, and have transcended on to the next phase in their spiritual journey.

Those of us here forget that this is our time to make the most out of life and not take anything for granted. We must live in love and in gratitude. I read a powerful line recently in a touching book that said something to the effect "If you start to look at the world with your heart instead of your mind then you will know GOD". How does this relate to the above...that is for you to decide but we all have purpose, meaning and a destination. We must try to elevate ourselves on levels that will encourage our mental, emotional and spiritual growth. This is your moment......"Seize it".

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Violet said...

I like Deandra! Totally true too. Shallow occurances often take up space in our minds and begin to divert our heart and before you know we have allowed all the good to slip away. Because what was there we didn't see. But what we thought we imagined and began to see....