Saturday, June 30, 2012


Sometimes you meet somebody who makes everything seem perfect for just a second...and then the moment passes...but when you think of them again perfection starts to creep back in. I do not take any encounter with anyone for granted. Everyone is placed in your life just at the right time to add on to your greatness. I have had such an amazing week that I almost have to pinch myself because the blessings are on overload. I am happy to be here among the living still getting a chance to do it all over again. I am in a space of truly making sure the people in my life feel valued and appreciated. That my relationships with everyone are with good intention and integrity and prompting myself to give more of myself to people in true need. I am aware that I was blessed with the gift to speak life into others. Encourage them, motivate them and ignite passion into whatever they truly want to do. More of that energy needs to come from me and hit everyone I come in contact with. Gossip, hate and bitterness usually eat away at the beauty that resides in our ability to inspire others. Speaking more life into others and assisting them with their talents is really what it is all about. Touch somebody today. Smile at them. Tell them they look good and ask what can you do to assist them and mean it. Watch how you feel afterwards. Live on PURPOSE!

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Great post!