Friday, June 15, 2012

New Chapter

There was a wise man who said "When a door closes....let it close." We for some reason always look to force the door to stay open instead of trusting life and having faith that God will always have the next door awaiting you wide open. "Be anxious not..." is what the good book states. Let the natural occur, and when it is is effortless. There is a simple process to natural events. Everything in nature has a simple approach. The seasons naturally change and the leaves naturally fall. What I am starting to realize as I have embraced a new decade on this journey called "Life" Is that there is a natural ebb to the flow of our existence. The truth of the matter is is always changing. Relationships are always changing and evolving. We as people need to follow suit and do the same. It is imperative that we constantly re-evaluate our lives, our position in someone else life, and what we are aiming to do and achieve. Ever notice why some people just don't want to be around you any more? They will make excuses about why they have "other" things to do. It could be that because you are stagnent and not changing and developing. What are you bringing to the relationship? Are you empowering it? Inspiring them? Building with them? Do you speak life into them? The same way we choose a different meal to ingest because we may have a taste for something new...we need to constantly bring a new refreshed attuitude to our relationships and circumstances. I have been asking God to renew my mind, and spirit constantly. Anything that does not belong there I ask him to remove it. Let me attract positive energy and people that can inspire and motivate me to do exactly what it is that he has me here to do. I am in a space of valuing every relationship in my life. Encouraging my friends and in turn requiring that they add on to my life in a postive way. As I embrace this beautiful new decade of my 30's, I am letting go of all the relationships and situations that have consistenty left me in a space of sadness, anxiety, fustration, and negativity. I look only to move forward with those who I know has the intent of being genunine, sincere, caring, loving, motivational, and inspiring. Selfishness, envy, and hate are tne devils tools and too many people are walking around these days not knowing that they are laboring for him. It is a beautiful thing to see the God in people and only his children can see it. I am walking with my head on straight, vision tight and antennas up. I encourage you to make yourself responsibile for the company and energy you let around you. Bad company corrupts character. Challenge yourself to be honest with everyone in your life and be authentic. It pays off in the long run. Your karma is everything so choose to plan for that wisely.

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