Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The ORIGIN of you!

Living in a day where everybody likes the same things...trends define most of the people you know. Everyone wants to indulge themselves in POP culture and follow everyone else actions...When does the time ever present itself when you can just "BE YOU"?

When do you take a moment to think about what you like, what you want, who you want?

The idea of being "Original", or not following suit, has become somewhat foreign. People are actually afraid to speak up and say what they truly feel if it goes against the majority. Why?

It is a gift to be the individuals we are, at the end of the day not one of us are truly the same. We all possess a brain that develops thoughts and ideas in its own magnificent way, so why opt to not use it or keep it silent.

I get a absolute kick out of having a great conversation with someone who can stimulate me beyond what everybody else is is talking about. Someone who can put me on to something clever, new and exciting.

With the new year approaching I challenge everyone to go against the grain and push yourself to explore and be a part of the greater world. To seek out what is not easily presented to you day in and day out in the media.

Start to be aware and actually care about the hardships that affect so many of us in other parts of this world. Provide assistance to someone who may need it, even if its locally. Be a part of the solution and not add on to the stagnation.

Be Original in your existence...or it will go in vain.

Love you all!


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Ricky said...

that s some medicine girl..