Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your Journey is leading to....

Today is a new day filled with hope,and all you have is faith that things will work out the way you imagine them to. You woke up with something on your mind and a split between two thoughts of which way you should go or how you should handle the situation. Speak out loud...even if its by yourself...he will hear you. He actually likes to hear you speak to him, for when you speak to him you speak to your spirit as well. You are acknowledging your spirit and the other unforeseen forces that govern your life...our destiny.

When will you stop pretending that all is good and something will just drop out the sky? When did hard work and determination not ever give you huge returns on your investment? A new year is steadily approaching us and that year will soon be gone. Since time never stops for any of us, will you be prepared when your golden moment of opportunity looks you in the face? They say opportunity is when success and preparation meet...what have you done to prepare?

I speak from a space of preparation. I have been sacrificing my blood sweat and tears to achieve the life I want for myself. The life I told myself I would have two years ago and I am finally starting to see it come to fruition, and all because I simply said "I want to do that". The journey has been long, hard, bumpy, leaving me needing an alignment like nobody's business...but it was always attainable.

I have learned that God helps those who help themselves. You can sit there and wish and pray for anything in this world, but you must seek out and do as needed with the strength you have to get it done and it will be.

Congratulations to all the wonderful folk in my life who are putting their God given talents to good use and fulfilling their duty of being a source of hope and a pillar of strength and a role model for inspiration.

Be grateful...Live open hearted.

Have a productive Thursday.


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