Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"I like the way you think".

I am a fan of LOVE when I feel it, see it, hear it, or even dream it....It never fails to leave me inspired and feeling in touch with a force that is powerful and forever yearned for.

I heard our first lady say something extremely powerful in an interview with Oprah a couple days ago, that just moved my spirit to joy. Oprah was interviewing the 1st couple and asking them how they balance it all, and how envied they could be because they seem so perfectly in love. Michelle answered the question so gracefully and exquisitely. Here is an excerpt.

Oprah : Is this a marriage to be envied?

Michelle: I think we have a wonderful marriage. I love my husband, he is my best friend. But I always like to talk honestly about it, because I think about young couples coming up who think there are no struggles to get here. There are and that's part of it. The message is, work through the struggles, start out with somebody that you respect and you trust, so that when you hit the bumps that are inevitable, you always have that foundation. I tell Barack, as mad as he may make me, I look at him and say "I really LIKE you". I like you and I like the way you think and I like the person that you are, and its hard to stray too far and to be mad too long when the person you are with is someone you like.

So incredible and so well versed. This personally captures the essence of REAL, TRUE, GENUINE love for me. To actually LIKE the person before you LOVE them, will prove the strength and the dedication to you staying where you are. DO you LIKE him? Do you like her? Do you like her traits? Do you like who they are in relation to their world that you exist in? Do you like how they talk to people? How they handle situations? How they make people feel? How they THINK? How they live? What they like to do? What makes them tick?

The road and and path to love and having the ultimate level of understanding is not easy nor smooth. Even when Love is great and things seem too perfect, it takes your attention and commitment to maintaining it and keeping it that way. You have to always put that other person's feelings in mind and work together to making sure that the both of you are happy, and if that is not intense work then what it?

As humans, it is hard for us to be content all the time, we allow so many variables to come in and disturb our momentum and test our faith on what we believe to be "working". I 100% know and believe that love is TEAM WORK and it will Be the most important collaboration that you Will ever take part in, in your life.

When we have love, and stability we feel good. We feel alive and we are in touch with the higher consciousness that resides in us all. We allow the GOD in us to seep out and be a source of light and inspiration for all around us.

Allow GOD to work through you more. Accept love when it comes your way and always give it to others. Love in all capacities is what releases us to living the life that was intended. Give plenty of it...out.


Have a Tasty Tuesday.

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