Friday, May 27, 2011

The heat is on...

There is something about the warm temperatures that makes the little diva in me start to surge. I know this is true for many of my ladies...because I start to see you put on your skirts, dresses, high heels, fitted tanks and hit to the streets. Smelling sweet and walking to their own beat. I love it!

I have always said that I absolutely love being a girl. No matter how much we go through emotionally as being "receivers" I love the essence o fbeing a women. I love the delicateness and the softness that is associated with my presence. I love the way my body responds to the touch of my man's hands all over me, strong and protective. I love the way I can cook up a meal and serve it to make people smile.

I love the arch in my back, the pep in my step, the sway in my hair the glimmer in my eyes. I love to bat my lashes, I love to whisper sweet nothings.

I love being a MOM to my little girl and teaching her to be a lady.

The summer helps me embrace my womaness...I get energy and rays from the sun that speak to my inner spirit and it glows outward. I love how as the flowers bloom so do we. I love everything that is SUMMER.

So all that to say...Sun...Keep beaming your rays...

Love and get lost in it...

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