Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You owe yourself....

So much can happen over the course of a season. Life can change dramatically without notice and it is not always what we expected. It can leave us asking questions like how? why? and what does this mean?

Surprisingly, the biggest culprit usually in the equation is you! It is so easy to say that you know you are the master of your ship and you can control "you"..but so many of us cannot. It is hard to really control and get a grip on our emotions at times. They lead you stir crazy, unhappy....and literally creates situations in your mind that don't even exist. Everything external to you should not matter when it comes to the effort you put into making every day amazing and fruitful. Whatever that is within your control and reach, you make sure to keep positive and peaceful. If it is outside of you, then have no expectations in the results.

We like to blame everything and everybody for when we are unhappy, upset and disappointed but really it is us who we should look to. One thing I have learned is God is faithful and nothing in front of us is bigger than we can get through or handle. I am a testament to the beautiful blessings of him and I will continue to have faith in all that he does.

How amazing life works and how beautiful it is when we just be still and not think too much about what is supposed to come next. Don't think I am saying you should not plan for your future because you should..but keyword YOU plan for YOU. Never look to your neighbor for what you should be doing, where you should be going, or what is important. Only you hold the answers to your life and what it is to be. Remain open to all the love that comes your way and treat it brand new.

Everyone in our lives who loves us and guide us and builds with us are truly blessings. God uses them to assist in his work. Love your peeps! Be honest with them and stay working on the seeds that will grow to bear you the sweetest fruits. Everyday we are here it is a blessing to be acknowledged and celebrated. Who has time to be mad, angry and bitter. You are here! Make your mark and live with purpose. You owe it to yourself! Life happens, stay positive and keep going with the natural ebb of the universe.


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