Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gift of GAB

Sometimes I am truly in awe by the people that come into my life and how it happens. It is a magical process. A process that assures me that GOD is always in the midst and his vision is crystal clear. I have to trust in that, never second guessing that the encounters that I experience no matter how big or small are truly for me. I love it! I breathe it. I give life to the newness.

Some folks literally have the gift of lifting me off my feet and inspiring the holy crap out of me! That is nothing but the power of GOD and my good energy attracting it to me. I recently was inspired by this young cat who does poetry. Usually when you are a PYT it is hard to meet a man and it just be that. A man will try to kick his game, lick his lips, and sell you a dream about why you and him need to be the next Michelle and Barack. (right)....

Well it just wasn't that vibe. Dude was really inspiring. He is a poet and the words and the messages that he could formulate in his brain and transfer to paper was amazing. I, of course was truly touched by this in more ways than one because I am a writer FIRST. I love the way words transcend beyond the moment. It captivates me...it lifts me and for one moment I can see your mind not the flesh in front of me. I can feel your spirit and I sniff out your soul.

Words can touch us in ways that are indescribable. I was once told that I would be "unstoppable" if I always practiced what I wrote. Why?, because when I write I am of another dimension. I am truly one with my passion. I am love abundant. I am at peace. I am me....perfect in my imperfections.

One thing I do know is I am flawed. We all are, but how beautiful it is to be in acknowledgment of that and be conscious in your progress to correct it.

GOD bless that man that I speak of, who so eloquently writes his poetry. Planting his seeds of wisdom and fruit for us to savor. He does not know how much I enjoyed his piece of writing and the funny thing is....who is to say I will express how much it meant to my being when I read it. This post was my "pay it forward." What a beauty it is to be on the receiving end of creative energy. Arts...humanity. I have been blessed!


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