Friday, January 13, 2012

Have your OWN back. "Get your life".

Being one. Being whole. Being complete, just with who you are is an important part of growth, development and the ability to be able to embrace the future you want and desire. Sometimes we think too much about other people and what they want. We put ourselves and what makes us happy second and in the end we wonder why we are still miserable, upset and not happy.

My Nana used to say "You came in this world alone....and you will eventually go out alone." You are with you all the time, every second of the day, yet sometimes we treat ourselves like a second class citizen. Some would argue that it is a selfish state of mind to think of yourself and your needs before someone else, but I beg to differ. At the end of it all, if you cannot make you happy and please you, then who will?

Learn to be honest with yourself and accept the realities that are in your life. Today you may not have all that you want but learn to be grateful for what you do have and know that all you need is what you have in front of you today.

We put so much focus and worry on our tomorrow's when they are not yet in existence. We have to learn to be present in our moments and give all we have to the realities that exist. If you want a better job or position, do the BEST damn job you can do with the one you currently have and make an effort to get another one each day. If you want more from your spouse or mate, learn to validate them and love them fully and give them your all today so that you are leading by example of how you would like your love to feel. If you want to make more money then do everything possible right now to secure the future you want.

Every decision, every thought, every action we make right NOW is determining the future we will have. Choose your thoughts, company,and actions wisely and constantly ask yourself...Is it aligned with my purpose and the future I would like? If the answer is ever "No"....then don't do matter WHO does not like it. You come first. When you are happy, when you can love and when you are at one...that is the only time you can effectively give of yourself to someone else.

Love ...Live...Purposeful.

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