Thursday, December 15, 2011

Detour....take local. Enjoy the scenery

Love is one of those things that when you open yourself up you take a serious risk. You put it all on the line and in the end you may get screwed. The best thing to do is to just be honest and open with yourself and your feelings. If you love something and you have tried your best and it just won't give you anything in return then it is best to let it alone.

The most important love is Self love. It is the most important love that exists and you have to have that for yourself FIRST. If you continue loving something or someone that puts no deposit into your spirit and soul then you are losing and you are selling yourself short. In addition, you truly do not know your own worth.

We all are a work in progress and we all develop into our blossoming flowers in our own due time. Patience is Godly. We cannot look for things to happen for us when we want them to. We can not expect people to be the way we want them to and we can not rush the blessings that God has in store. They will come when they naturally are supposed to. Continue to trust in the ebb of the universe and the power of positive thinking. Have faith in the things and people that you truly love and allow life and time to prepare the fruit that is still ripening.

Maturity does not come with age. Some people aren't equipped to see the beauty that is in front of them. In addition, sometimes there are so many toxic influences and people in their ear who want what they have, that they can't discern what is the best thing for them.

God never puts more on us then we can bear. Sometimes the load can feel crippling but what I know for sure is you are NEVER alone. God is always in the midst and you will never fail if you keep that at the forefront. Never give up on the ones you believe in and never give up on yourself.

Live & Love on purpose!

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