Monday, December 26, 2011

Inspiration fart...A cappella .

Because....when the wind blows past my brown cools me. For a second I can almost feel the same exact sensation that is you. When things are right...they are right....time stands still. Moments go on forever. Raindrops beating....making a symphony in my heart. I love the sound. It reminds me of you. What can happen when two kindred spirits are so far apart yet seem so close? Riddle me that?

Just as two snowflakes are never are our experiences. We all carry a magic, a blueprint, a story. Do you want to read my pages? Would you like to find out the theme? Can you handle the message? I warn you I may be too much. What is life without a little risk? We all can't be so calculated in all we do. It would turn out to be boring....keep it brand new...fresh. I don't mind a little unpredictability. I can appreciate it. Can you?

What motivates you? Can you articulate your heart's desires? I can. I can materialize anything if I put enough focus...FOCUS....ATTENTION...I've learned that if you want to do anything RIGHT the secret is the unbroken flow of attention that characterizes your peak performance. So...what does that mean? Well if you ever failed at something it's definitely because you were not giving it your UNDIVIDED attention. split it up with something had your mind every place else but where it was supposed to be. Your focus had a wasn't faithful to the mission.

Move on young chocolate. You are a force to be reckoned with. Don't let them tell you nothing less. That is the magic in the the helps you to forces you to open your eyes and wake up. It demands you to show up to the occasion and BE what you are destined to be! Be all that you can my love! Keep flying...get what you deserve and NOTHING seen to many settle for less. I know it all to well. God is here next to me....we on this journey and him...he and I. Let the show commence......

Live on PURPOSE!

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