Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So many people who know me personally....know how PASSIONATE I can be about things that I love. Things that make me excited. Wheather it is food, a new scent, a program, a book etc. I can literally become a walking commercial if I am in love with it.

Rightfully so, I have been this way with the people in my life too. I have proclaimed and professed my love for my Nana time and time again, because she raised me and taught me so many valuable jewels. She instilled lessons in me by just DOING and BEING. She taught me to be a lady, to love unconditionally, to be excited about seeing those who we love and being confident. I love her and I will forever remain grateful for her existence.

Same rings true for my little girl. She is my light, my life. I am ready to mop the floor with ANYONE who tries to inflict harm, ridicule or fear in her. She is my purpose and God favored me when he brought her into my life.

There are many others who I love and speak on their importance in my world freely.

Recently it hit me that there is someone else who means a great deal to my life. Even though I have said it before and many know how passionate I have been about this person, He and I went through some pretty rough times over the past year, and GOD knew what was best for that time. He was ripening my mind and spirit for me to reach the epiphany that I have come to over the past few weeks. I am absolutely 100% sure that I am in love with the man who came into my life and helped me when no one else did.

This person was there for me during one of the most trying times and if it was not for his effort and thoughtfulness I may not have been able to sit in the seat I have today. It was his DEDICATION to "my" life, to my daughter and to my world that helped catapult me to where I am.

Nobody is perfect and he surely is not, but he has a good heart and he has always been GOOD to me and my daughter. He is a beautiful person inside and out and I am thankful for him. He is an amazing son, friend, father, lover, and DJ. He is truly everything I never knew I needed. He has proven and shown me how patient love really is. I will never second guess him or what we have.

It does not take a whole day to recognize sunshine...but for some of us it may take a season or two to fully feel the warmth of the sun radiating our insides...our hearts and our spirit. For some of us we don't know love because we had no formal training in how to love. We grew up watching situations and things that occur that were not of LOVE. We were not shown how to accept it when it was genuinely given. Our experiences can harden us and take the ripeness of the blessing away....but when you know yourself and you get to know GOD you will allow yourself to begin to feel Love and experience it on a different level.

You strip yourself of your ego, your pride and your inhibitions. You allow yourself to be live.....Uninhibited! You are alive and you have purpose and you see the purpose of the ones around you. Life is for the taking and every experience, lesson and person is here to help teach you how to keep going. I am thankful for HIM.


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