Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are you a spectator or a supporter?

I remember growing up and my family having "get togethers" from time to time. It could be a BBQ, Birthday Party, Holiday Dinner, or a "Lets Entertain just because" type of thing. Of course I would always expect to see my family and very close friends, but there were times when there were folks who would actually come to functions, like birthday parties and baby showers etc., and they would come empty handed and have nothing to ADD on to the festivities.

These people are not just party crashers and don't add on to anything at events, they are people crashers and don't add on to ANYTHING usually at all. They can see you going through something, and they don't even try to give some of themselves to help the situation. They don't try to bring any positive energy and outlook to your life, they rather just sit and watch the way the chips fall. No sort of support or good intentions are ever seen.

Another word that describes these people perfectly are "NOSY". That is all they are really. They just wanna know what it is going on in your life NO MATTER what it is, because there isn't ENOUGH going on in theirs, and once they know what is going on, they will go and discuss with someone one else behind your back.

The sad part is we know who these spectators are in our life. They rarely reach out to us to ask how we are, never offers a helping hand, always empty handed, but always want to have a glimpse into your world. If that glimpse is just watching your social network page, wanting an invitation to something we are having, yet never participate in it, wants to comment and gossip about our moves all the time, only bringing negative energy to your world, why do you let them in? Start padlocking your personal life and space. They want everything easy, and you are a link to them getting what they want. Easy Free entertainment. Spectators need that.

Support those around you genuinely. Everyone can tell when you are half stepping, and just being plain nosy...and it's just corny in 2009!

Be safe! Love, Life Life.



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