Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I know for sure....TODAY.

I remember a couple of years ago I picked up this small book by Oprah called "The Top 20 Things that I know for sure". Oprah posed the question to everyone "What do you know for sure"? When you really put thought to this question, it isn't as easy as it seems.

Disqualifying information like your name and address obviously, ask yourself "What do you know for sure".

This got me to thinking about my own 20 things that I know for sure. These change as time and experiences go on, but this is where I am today.

1- No matter how bad today is, tomorrow leaves room for joy and improvement.

2- A smile can be contagious.

3- Paying ANYONE (stranger or friend) and unexpected compliment can do wonders for someone's spirit in a matter of seconds.

4- Money WILL make your life easier, but it is the space that you are in within your life that will prove if the feeling is rewarding.

5- My life is bigger than me. There is a higher power ruling the main stage. I am the starring role.

6- Faith can literally move mountains. It is how much you believe in something that will determine its power in your life.

7- Looking at children in their element is like watching GOD work first hand.

8- It is important that there is absolutely something that you believe in and are willing to die for. This is PASSION.

9- No matter how many times you have been hurt in LOVE, it is SOOO worth it to fall back into it. Never run from Love. Embrace it.

10- A good home cooked meal can sometimes make you feel like you are on top of the world.

11- When you work hard and put everything you have into something, the universe has no choice but to repay you, and the reward is GREAT. Hard work ALWAYS pays off.

12- Loyalty & Trust are hard to come by, no matter who someone is or how close they claim you are to them.

13- If someone shares something with you in confidence...HONOR IT! This can be one of the most amazing things you can do for someone and watch how your relationship will grow.

14- There are some people who will cut you down and think nothing of it. Their role is to be an opportunist and look out only for them. Do not be in denial about this sort of person. They do exist, just be smart.

15- Nothing is never bad enough to give up. Everything happens in time. Love, Career, Family and Passion is discovered when the time is right.

16- Spirituality is the backbone to our existence. Get in tune with yours.

17- We are at our most true when we are doing and acting as if no one is watching.

18- Complaining and SAYING what you want to change will do nothing for the result that you ultimately want. You must DO, and make what you want happen.

19- Nothing feels better in the world than new love.

20- Help someone do something daily. If it is giving directions, a helping hand, advice, affection, or a hug. Make sure that on a daily basis you GIVE in some way to the next person. This is our purpose.

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Be Beauty for ashes said...

I love this! If only everyone were aware enough to realize some of these simple life truths. It's like physics, you can live some of it so naturally and know understand the formula. It's enlightening when people understand the formulas!