Thursday, July 2, 2009

MEMORIES....don't live like people do....

Sometimes I sit and think about the times I had with her and it makes me smile. She took the best care of me EVER, I miss that. I miss knowing no matter what she would always be there to make sure I was OK...ALWAYS. I sometimes sit and can loose my myself in the memories and when I come out of the long thought, I look to pick up the phone or go visit, but she isn't here anymore.

Such is Life...Death. We live and we move on. I have to remember that, just because she no longer is here..I can still speak out. She hears me. She knows I wish I could just hug her one more time. That is what is unfair in it all. She can take me all in, It is I who is limited from here.

I have my days...where I miss her a whole lot and today is one of those days.
We all have our moments. I think about what she would say, I hear her response to what I just said, I wonder how she would feel if she saw THIS! I know she can see how happy I am. I know she would love every bit of it. She would smile, donning her gold rim on her perfectly straight teeth, and we would split an apple. :)

Death happens. Life continues...We miss, We remember...I love you! R.I.P. NANA!

Light a candle for all your missed loved ones. They appreciate it!


Have a great weekend and EAT MUCH!


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Ricky said...

I likes alotsss .....:)