Thursday, July 30, 2009

Knowledge is POWER....STILL!

There was a time when you woke up, scratched your head, looked up the hall or to the next room, and your mom or dad was right there asking you "You hungry"? "What you doing today"? " How much you need"?

Then as if it crept up on you like a nasty winter are grown and expected to get it together FAST! Questions that come now are more like "When are you getting your own place?" "When are you going to get a job?" "The bills are due"? and then you find yourself asking someone else "How much THEY need"?

Adulthood creeps up and sticks on you like adhesive. This can be a beautiful, wonderful, liberating time OR it can be very stressful, depressing and upsetting if you haven't prepared yourself for it. I always give thanks everyday for my childhood and my family. My father and mother pushed me and stayed on top of me and my education like it was their only duty in life. In addition to having their constant motivation, my Aunts and my NANA were a constant reinforcement and motivation for me, telling me to be the best at EVERYTHING I did and telling me how great I was always!

This is extremely important for a child. I know so many young people who are turning into adulthood and who are IN adulthood and don't know what to do. They don't know where to turn, how to navigate in life because they never were encouraged by their family, or anyone for that matter, on how important it is that you lay a foundation for your future that is steadily approach fast!

I have been in school now for 22 years...and just recently I have been contemplating getting my PhD., because WHY NOT! I have not always been a FAN of going to school...and I must admit I did not always go for the best reasons. I am a social bug and during high school most of the time I looked forward to going everyday just to take my cozy spot with the rest of my friends who sat at the top of the social hierarchy. We came to school to dress, flaunt our perfectly framed bodies and talk talk talk. Passing classes was just something we decided to add on to the show. Because afterall, High School was a show!

It is not until now as I sit in my Masters program class that I give thanks a thousand times over for the endless nights my father sat up with me talking and drilling the importance of getting my education. He would tell me how people can strip me of alot of things but no one can EVER EVER take away the knowledge that I learn and acquire in my lifetime. How my knowledge will always set me apart from the rest, and my persistent and dedication to WANT to always push myself will take me far. He used to tell me "Yes Dee, looking good will get you in the door, and having some personality will get you further..but once you get there you have to sustain yourself..." Thank you DADDY! How many times have I LIVED those words and they have came true.

My point is this. School is NOT for everyone, and to be successful you don't ALWAYS have to have a degree must be committed to learning and adding on to your greater mind. You can self teach yourself. I know so many people, men especially, who have not gone to school but can tell you facts on topics from history to physics because they DECIDED to pick up a book and read and to expand their mind on their own time.

The man who picks up garbage everyday makes a great salary but the man who understands what happens to the garbage after its picked up and why it happens, has a greater appreciation for what he does. In other words, knowledge is POWER and your passport to livelihood in the new world. Believe it!

Our President is a grand example of an educated man whose intelligence green lighted and secured his spot without a doubt. Had that man lacked the intelligence, diligence, articulation and wisdom that he had, no way would he be where he is.

Always push yourself to go further, to READ, to learn more, to discover new things, to research what you don't know or understand and to never ever give up and stop! I love you all for reading!

Have a marvelous day and stay focused on your paths!

Have a great weekend!



Unbreakable said...

So after missing my exam this morning for the second time because of train problems I came to my desk and open blogger and this is the first blog I read.

For me and education was not a choice it was something I had to have, that’s the philosophy I grew upon, there is no better thing than knowledge, I am a avid reader, I read books from all walk of life. This was not something I was funned of in my teens but when I got to my 20s I realized that reading is the key to power/knowledge. From them on I have read bout 500 books. The latest is The 48 Laws of Power By Robert Greene and Joost Elffers it’s a great read.

Thanks for the motivation and you got some great parents.

All the best with you Studies.

Anonymous said...

yes! my darling daughter knowledge and education is and always will be POWER. People can take many things away from you but an education is yours for keeps and can never be taken! Thank u for getting the lesson and passing it on. LOVE YA ALWAYS AND FOREVER. MOMS.

Be Beauty for ashes said...

I don't know if it's luckily or unfortunately, I never had a chance as a child to lean that hard on my parents. As early at 15 I remember looking at rentals and cost of living while preparing to start a vocational program in the fall. No one ever had to tell me to get out because 3 days before my 18th birthday I was packed and ready. I knew a lot. I had an old soul, as people referred to it. But, what I have learned in the last 5 years is that KNOWLEDGE without WISDOM can be dangerous for a young person. My pastor always tells me "you have big girl things with little girl eyes". That's because I have acquired because I was blessed enough to know what it takes and blessed enough to seek information to be prepared, but nothing compensates for wisdom and wisdom is a gift of experience and time. Now that I KNOW that, the best I can do is try to release anxiety as I trust the Lord and wait patiently for Wisdom these outcomes reveal, of course with my trusty knowledge in my back pocket.