Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Character Concealer....so many people wear it

You ever went to the dealership and saw the car of your dreams. The car looked like everything you've been looking for and you finally purchase it. After you have had it for a couple of months, it turns out to be a piece of junk. This all happens, EVEN THOUGH, it was brand new and looked amazing! Well guess what....Cars are not the only things that can trick us. People do as well. More often so, than we would like.

It really bugs me out when I learn of new people and admire them from a distance at first. Everything that they appear to be about looks great and in alignment with who I am. Then time passes, situations occur, and you get to know the real them and realize they are actually crazy. Literally. Some of these people who seem to have it soooooo together are just a hot flaming mess! There is just no other way to put it.

They might have the career, they might have the money, they may have the fame, but when you get to the know the root of who they are, their character, integrity and everything that they stand for, you realize they are more toxic then taking a bottle of bleach to the head.

This can turn into a sad situation because someone will always continue to get caught up in their trap and get swallowed up by their illusion. These people can turn out to be jealous, selfish, irresponsible, immature, liers, manipulators, thieves, gossipers, back stabbers and the list can go on. But on the exterior boyyyy, they appear to be the best thing since cool air on a muggy summer day.

I have dealt with this many times in my life, and the remedy is simple. Once a person shows you their hand more than once, its your turn to play your cards to give YOU the best possible outcome. Make your moves strategically and precise and in my experience that means taking certain people "in doses" My favorite thing to do.

Sometimes you don't have to cut someone off completely because it could be bad for social success...and that is another blog. But think and know your limits with everyone. You will thank yourself later.

Always remember Character is best seen when they think no one is watching or PAYING ATTENTION!

Have a great Tuesday!

Live limitless!


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