Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feet planted in the ground..Thinking on a higher plane.

Are we really afraid of what we don't know and understand? Is it fair to say that we get a little funny feeling in our stomach when we walk into brand new situations, with no prior knowledge of the environment, or people or circumstance that make that up. I notice many people, forgo "trying" to accomplish many things because of this fear.

It is safe to say that the human condition is built on being comfortable, once a comfort level is reached in relationships, career, and everyday life, we try to hold on to that unconsciously. We don't think of ruffling the feathers of what makes us feel secure, confident, and in a state of being able to predict our next step.

The downfall of this is we basically end up watching days, months and years fly by before our eyes and we feel time has been wasted. We then beat up on ourselves for not being more proactive and doing the things that really make us shine. Taking a risk and finding the one other person in this world that completes you and makes you feel like new love every single day. We don't allow ourselves to meet new people because we have known the ones in our lives for years. We don't go to the supermarket to buy healthy food and cook at home we rather speed off to the drive way and get something fast and quick, that does not require our energy to prepare.

I started to notice a long time ago that the way we "upkeep" our self and our things are a huge reflection of who we are feeling on the inside. If we organize and constantly clean out everything around us and evaluate our steps and moves, pushing ourselves to attain the short and long term goals we have set, we live on purpose and we give greater meaning to our existence.

Be well! XOXOXO!

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