Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mary Mary Quite Contrary..how does your garden grow?

Who are you? Know really. One day I see you say this, the next I see you do something else. One day you are surrounding yourself with wolves, the next with sheep. Will the REAL you please stand up.

This question comes up many times for me with various people in my world. Yes, people are constantly evolving, as they should, but let us all hope and pray that the evolution is positive and for the good. I am seeing more and more people evolve backwards. They surround themselves with people who are not a reflection of their greatness, talent and potential,which leads them to participating in activities that are not a reflection of who they truly are.

Usually this would not be a concern of yours, after all, your friend is a grown adult who can make their own decisions...right?

But...what happens when you genuinely care and you want to see better for that person?

I have watched this same behavior happen often more recently in my life. It is hard to try to understand why or what causes people to say one thing and do the opposite but you can control those type of people in your world. You have to be responsible for your life, and that includes who you allow to permeate your circle and play a part in your life.

All I can do is say live by example. Keep your word, and live in accordance to what makes you happy and your life. If other people are not on your same page any more...then be courageous enough to give those relationships time and space to become what they are. Stay focused and on YOUR track.


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