Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Love me or leave me alone! Respect me for my opinion and what moves me to do the actions that I choose.

I am a woman! I am love! I am a mother and I am fly! Sometimes I find it hard to find the right words to put into the universe to touch the right people and to get my message across....I hold myself accountable and responsible for the thoughts that I place upon your mind as you read the words.

I am a grateful receiver of the love that you all give me each day. Some call me spoiled "Dee you get whatever you want always"...it looks easy from the outside...I understand. My struggle is yours. We all are trying to be more than we were yesterday!

I am beautiful and yes I know it. I don't need to walk down the street and hear a million guys try to tell me that for me to know it. I am 100% in love with myself and damn it feels good. I do not need a man to validate that even though I am fortunate enough to have ....

I love my life! It was created for me and given to me to utilize in the best way possible. To shine my light and be a sense of inspiration for all...I know this.. and I will commit to doing it as much as I can.

I love my family...and the blood that runs through my veins..I am descendants of royalty this I know...do you know where you derived from? How far your blood runs and where it started??? if not....look into it. Carry out your purpose .your mission,

Speak and say what you wish! Always! BE BOLD..LIVE WITH PRIDE and NEVER dim your light...someone may need it who is in the dark!



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