Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Give me 5 minutes and maybe we can change the world!

How do you know the person who says "HELLO" to you as you walk up Madison Avenue is not a resourceful person to your destiny? I have asked myself this question time and time again because, I, for one love to meet and talk to new people. Sometimes this can have adverse affects but for the most part I have met some fascinating, intriguing individuals.

The main lesson that I have learned over the years of just being open to conversation from strangers, is that you never know the similarities and the unseen force, that is constantly working to bring that particular person in your space at that exact time/moment. I believe that many of our successes, crises, and events that occur in our life, happen on purpose and it is all written. It is our reaction, and our ability to maximize opportunity and potential, that will prove weather a meeting or occurrence was in vain or if it will blossom into something great.

Everything can not be easy in this world. For those really extraordinary things in life I know you have to put in the work before the rewards come in. You can be on top of the world one minute and plummet in seconds due to lack of preparation and terrible work ethic.

Sometimes opening your mouth, stepping out on a limb and sharing your thoughts with a stranger can lead to some pretty amazing steps towards your life's work. As they say "A closed mouth never gets fed"...

Share......GIVE.....and you shall receive.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

I am thankful for the strangers I have met.


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