Monday, October 27, 2008


I think I was one of the very first people with in my network to learn of the tragedy that occurred this past Friday with Jennifer Hudson's family and I was in utter shock! I can only imagine what it must feel like for her to be in the midst of all these blessings, an anticipated CD (that is doing well), A FAB movie that she is in and all the other magnificent accolades she is receiving and to then be hit with a blow that only GOD could give you strength to begin to wrap your mind around the idea ... YOUR MOTHER AND BROTHER WERE SHOT AND KILLED IN THEIR HOME!

Jennifer's Mother and brother were shot 9 AM Friday morning by an unidentified person, her 7 year old nephew, ( her sister , Julia Hudson's son) was then kidnapped by that person and his body has since been found. I am just bewildered as to how this woman Julia Hudson who is the boy' mother has it in her to come on television and actually speak as if she is "ok". Something seems extremely off to me.

I watched Saturday as she made her plea for her son, but she seemed to me that she was well-rested and not that emotional..God knows if I would have seen a tragedy to this magnitude..finding my mom and brother dead in the house...there is no way in hell I am speaking to any reporters and holding a press conference without me being a shaken up beyond belief and disarrayed. Everyone is different though.

I am in no way accusing this woman, his mother, of such a horrible, devastating crime but it just seems weird. In addition, Julia is a bus driver for the Chicago school system and the school's were closed in Chicago Friday due to teacher-work day, so why was she out all day and came home late.

Something is wrong here, what really promoted me to feel this way as well is once Julia found out her son was in fact the young body in the SUV she was still online accepting friend requests on her Myspace and updating her moods, again ..maybe someone else is logging under her but I just can't call it.

Check her page out yourself:

You can make your own assessments.

Read some of the things she writes and notice how the guy who was in custody William Baulfour, her all over her pictures.

She recently says in a picture he sold her car with his "bitch ass", I dunno...very strange. She said her brother had been dropping her to and from work since the ex sold her car without her permission. This is the "Missing" white SUV that they were looking for when the story hit the press. So where was this car and who had the keys to the car if the brother was dead??? This is bewildering to me and I pray that whoever is behind this heinous hurtful crime is captured.

I don't want to even begin to think that this woman has anything to do with this but a lot of things are sketchy on her part and just does not add up. We hear everyday on the news these same type of stories but since it is a celebrity involved we should not look deeper into this?
An Innocent child is now murdered, a mother and bother gone for no reason!!!! I am concerned! Nobody deserves this.

My prayers go out to Jennifer Hudson who now has to bury most of her immediate family at the same time. God give her strength!

This is horrible! I truly believe there is a demon on the loose possessing the minds and spirits of people EVERYWHERE, Don't matter who you are, where you live, you must be in tuned with your spirit because it can snap at any moment and you can loose it.

There is no doubt in my mind that anyone in their right mind would not do something like this but when you are possessed by evil you can't see or think straight, it is real...count your blessings! and keep a close tie with the most high!

Life is a PRESENT, live it positively, give off good energy and that way you can at least do your part to assist in attracting it back to you. This goes back to the company we keep in our lives.

I love you all!!!!

Stay safe and PRAY!


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Ms. Nancy said...

All I have to say is whats in the dark will come to light. Keep Jeniffer and the rest of the family in your prayers, and youre right Dee some things dont add up.