Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She got her own.....DO YOU?

All the ladies who independent..throw your hands up family!!!!

I can think of about 4 to 5 songs made by artists that were hits basically bigging up the lady who can hold down her own. One of my favorite is most recent and it is by Ne-yo, but I prefer the remix with Mr. Jamie Foxx and FAB, because they just know how to lay a track down on its back and provide the business like no one else.

I think all this independent woman talk is definitely encouraging and inspiring for woman to hold it down and achieve success on their own, but at the same time are we trying to forget our men all together?

So many women I meet are PROUD to say " I don't need no man to do nothing for me", but I BEG to differ. There are too many woman out here tricking themselves into believing they do not want or need a man for anything.

I love the idea of a woman having her own but at the same time having that balance from a man to provide you with love, intimacy and support is crucial for a healthy mind, spirit and soul. A man can remind a woman of her delicateness and provide her that safe feeling that every woman loves to receive.

I think it is an epidemic with all these woman walking around talking rough, acting like men and being a tad bit tooo masculine for their own good. I am not blaming it just on the songs either. I blame it on the fact that many of these men don't have their own and they are not holding it down the way they should, so woman get fed up and they either keep it moving or they accept this from men and take care of them, enabling them further, and the cycle continues and woman are holding up the entire community on its back, and its OK?

Well no I think its not!

Seems to me that Ne-yo and some of these other artists should have made a record basically praising how men hold down the fort and take care of what's theirs. Matter of fact when was the last time you heard a song that was even remotely close to promoting how a man is such a good man and takes care of his woman, home and business...I don't know about you but not sense Salt-n-Pepa's "What a man" have I heard such perfection.

I think maybe if more of these Young men heard messages likes that, they would not be checking to "get with a shawty who got her own, because maybe she can take care of me too" type language. Yes I heard a 19 year old boy say this to me recently. Or they might say " Yo, that's wasssup, I need me a career driven woman with her own ride, if my boo got a car so do I"! PLEASE!!!

News flash...last time I checked it was never attractive to have these mentalities and to carry on like this. These young men need to RECLAIM their role and position in this society, especially within the black communities.

We can have our own but as a woman we like to ENJOY our own, not feed you, clothe you, and entertain you and everyone else.We love the male species but we love it when you HAVE YOUR OWN as well!!!

We do need you, we need to nurture you and love you, but in return we need you guys to be stand up men and balance us out and provide a foundation to build on. To help us be better and to make us better together!

I feel like the scales are slightly tipped these days across the board.

This is for you NIXX. :)

Have a great Tuesday!!!!



Ricky said...

I going to leave it short and simple..AMEN!!!

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Great post