Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Is it me or when it gets cold like this you don't want to do ANYTHING!

Since Sunday night when it started to get really brisk, I have been sluggish, don't wanna get out the warm bed, running a tad bit later for work, feeling like I have a scratchy throat and not wanting to even speak to people in the mornings. This is horrible.

I guess I am so affected because we went from nice warm breeze to OD Arctic chill. I need to ease into this, this weather is basically slapping me on my backside and duffing me out the door. I am really trying to cope but it takes adjusting to.

On another note, I caught a clip of the view from yesterday 9-6-08. If you missed it its worth watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WGCzCma-NY

That damn Elisabeth HEFFABECK as I like to call her, showed her ignorant conservative a** again! She really is starting to detest me more than watching Sarah Palin speak. Actually, Palin might be a little bit more like able than her. This woman actually sat on this stage and defended McCain and his involvement with the Keating 5. In addition she had the nerve to insinuate that Obama did have a close relationship with a "terrorist" of the United States (referring to Bill Ayers).

If you do your research on Bill Ayers, he basically wad a radical from the 60's who was pissed off with the way the United States were treating its citizens civilly, and as Whoopi stated " there were a lot of people pissed off {black people} and others who did not like the way the United States treated them".

It appears to me that Elisabeth is so out of touch with reality and other people's strife in this country that she forces herself to look ridiculous. She always appears ignorant when anything comes out of her mouth! I really do not know why she even is on this show, what makes a reality TV star {Survivior season 2} qualified to speak to millions of people everyday I have no IDEA! I think she is the shallowest, ditsiest, idiot on television and I mean it.

It actually gives me great pleasure to watch when guests come to the show and walk right pass her as if she is invisible. She is pitiful with the outrageous, prejudice things that she comes up with, and to think all this time I thought Sherry Sheppard was the dumbest of the crew, arguing a couple of weeks ago that the world was FLAT! (Where do they get these people).

Thank God Whoopi is up there to provide a well rounded, intellectually stimulating conversation and actually bring facts to discussions. I would think the producers would know that, that is important for a host to possess, Barbara Walters is just as bad by inviting Elisabeth to be a part of the show! UGH! Just makes me crinch!

In other news, If you have not registered to vote you only have until this Friday October 10th, to get that done, PLEASE go out and get it done!!! I spoke with some folks who said unfortunately they could not vote because they are not citizens of this country, and they are devastated.

If you are a citizen and you are just lazy to get down to register than shame on you!!! I was one of those people who felt like " my vote does not matter because they will miscount anyway" but there is something about being pro-active and doing something with passion that resonates well. Even if there is a miscount, the message will get across that we want this man to win and they will see us coming out in record numbers for change!

It made the news in Atalanta how 30% of early voters came out and voted. It was their record high. So we must do the same, give back some of the love we have felt watching him throughout his campaign.

In addition, I am doing this blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays now as I have said before. I hope you will continue to support.

Love you all!!!

Have a great TUESDAY!


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