Thursday, October 30, 2008

I get if from my dadddyy....

"...So your grandfather told this man, 'When you are alone, you are always free to pass through my land. But today you cannot pass, because your goat will eat my plants'. Well, this man would not listen. He argued for a long time with your grandfather, saying that he would be careful and that the goat would do no harm. This man talked so much your grandfather finally called me over and said 'Go bring me Alegoa'. That's what he called his panga, you see - "His machete".

"..he had two that he kept very, very sharp. He would rub them on a stone all day. One panga he called Alego. The other he called Kogelo. So I ran back to the hut and brought him the one he called Alego. And now your grandfather tells this man, 'See here. I have already told you that you should not pass, but you are too stubborn to listen. So now I will make a bargain with you. You can pass with your goat. But if even one leaf is harmed - if even one half of a one leaf of my plants is harmed - then I will cut your goat also'.

' Well, even though I was very young at the time, I knew that this man must be so stupid, because he accepted my father's offer. We began to walk, the man and his goat in front, me and your grandfather walking closely behind. We had walked maybe twenty steps when the goat stuck out its neck and started nibbling at a leaf. Then - Whoosh!!!! My dad cut one side of the goat's head clean through. The goat owner was shocked, and started to cry out 'Aalieey! Aalieey! What have you done now, Hussein Onyango' and your grandfather just wiped off his panga and said, 'If I say I will do something, I must do it. Otherwise how will people know that my word is true'.

This wonderful story I tell is not of my own, nor was I referring to my own grandaddy, but this story was the story Barack Obama's Aunt Zeituni from Kenya told him when he went to visit his family some years ago.

I opened this morning's blog with this wonderful excerpt from his book "Dreams from my father...because after watching his outstanding, inspiring and heartfelt infomercial last night, all I could do was think back to his life and the message I received when I read that in his book.

This man COMES from a very powerful African heritage. The same way in which is grandfather kept his word and his word was his honor and bond is the same man we see today.

Many of us watched last night and we cried, we felt a sense of pride, hope, encouragement, fulfillment, excitement, and greatness to see a man who represents something we have never ever seen in this country, in our time.

I can only speak for myself, but I BELIEVE in him and what he is to do. I am not naive by any means! I know that once he wins (which he will...I PROMISE) he will be faced with a tremendous amount of scrutiny, hardship and many in CONGRESS and the SENATE will not BACK him on his proposals and ideas. This will then cause Americans to question this man and what he promises us for change. But keep in mind, we are electing him as president, we still have the Senate, and legislation that at the end of the day that really makes it happen...they pass the laws...he jus either signs off, or VETO'S.

So remember it wont be easy for him and for the first 4 years as my godfather told me last night, he will try his best to TRY to implement all these great things...but it will be hard because to say it blatantly there are haters and there will be hate, especially within government, making it hard for him to do what he has planned, but he is a man of his word and he will fight to the deaths to get us to a better tomorrow, and future.

I believe in his word, and I believe that even if he cannot achieve many things quickly as President, I know what he comes from, I know what he is made of and I know that is is of some of the best damn stuff on earth!

He will make it happen not only because he said it and he believes it but because I truly know in my heart that he knows its bigger than him, he has always made it a priority to help those who needed it and tried to encourage those who wanted it. He did it before he was a big shot senator in Chicago and he has continued to do it throughout this campaign.

How I love thee let me count the ways.....BARACK OBAMA you are something special!!!!


I wont speak to you guys till TUESDAY NOV 4th and I know a lot of you will be VOTING!!!!



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Ricky said...

Let me tell you something from a man..i almost teared knowing what this man is about and to acknowlegde the fact that he is about what he says. For people out there whom really want to see this man died because they're racist makes me want to get at them first..You got some nervous want to do something like that to a man who is about changing millions of peoples lives in America (Black, white, etc...whatever)..It makes me want to get my citizenship just so i can say that I was able to vote for a man like this. I almost feel embaressed knowing that I cant vote during the critical point in our lives..Its sucks but what can i do now but hope and pray for change!..
Great Stuff :)