Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is it time to Re-Assess your conversation?

Every time a new year comes into place folks like to start making "resolutions" and analyzing their lives and what they want to change. Ever since I was a young, this has been the time when people choose to do these things, but what I am now realizing as an adult is that you do not need any NEW YEAR to welcome change. Actually it is 10x's healthier for you to be constantly re-evaluating your life, who you are and your current situation no matter what month, day, time of day or year we are in!

I know many of us move so fast all the time. We say what we think, we have our opinions about what every body else is doing, and who they are seeing and who they SHOULD be seeing, and why they wore that and why she didn't come to this and the list can go on and on and on! After all is said and done, what significance does this play? Does it add on to anything important that you gossip about 75% of your day away?

I speak on this because I, like everyone else can and have find myself in the gossip web, and once there it can be hard to come out. We are only humans and many of us need to say what is on our minds..believe me I am known for that, but we do have the power to control what we say and where we say it. I am a recovering gossiper! I can speak on it.

Gossip by Webster's terms means:
1:a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others
2 a: rumor or report of an intimate nature b: a chatty talk c: the subject matter of gossip

And this is true, but after partaking in this sort of activity for years, not one gossip participant is ever thinking about the feelings, affects and outcome of the subject being discussed. All the gossiper wants is their own personal
satisfaction and gratification. It is almost like a high that is needed for some people to socialize effectively.

I started to re-evaluate my conversation after I became friends with a Young lady , who I love to death. She is sweet, loving and very generous, but literally 90% of the thoughts that come out of her head are of slander, hear say and judgment.

When we first became cool and we would be in each other's company I did not pay much attention to it and I would laugh it off, but then I realized DAMN...this girl just never stops and she constantly goes in! It became annoying to me and I found myself actually feeling bad for the people she was talking about, because in actuality these people thought they were her friends as well. They had no clue she was dragging their name, business and character through the dirt.

After much time a light bulb went off in my head. Even though this woman treats me like the word, openly shows so much affection for me, there is something within me that must be attracting this type of person into my life. Even if I don't nearly carry on as much as she does, I still do it to a certain affect and now the universe is showing me a mirror of the effects it can have by placing her in my life.

If most of us paid attention to just half of the lessons the higher powers that be try to show us, we would avoid sooo much and live life a tad bit easier, but we rarely pay attention, and how can we when we are the generation of distraction.

Our elders did not have ipods, iphones, music videos, TV's, DVD, Mac's, PC's, Pagers, Cellphones, US weekly, INSTYLE and the list can go on for another paragraph, but you get my drift. All the lessons that were taught down to us came from them and now that we hold the pillars of knowledge to carry down to our youth (who clearly are the most misguided and in a desperate need of attention generation to date) what will we pass on?

Have we taken time to re-evaluate the way we think, what we say. Do we practice control over our words and thoughts and habits. A couple months ago I started to pay attention to what I chose to say to people and how I carried myself in public.

I was prompted to do this through the reading of a very powerful book by Eckhart Tolle. It is called "A New Earth". I highly recommend this book! I have had some read it and they did not like it, and I can't promise you will. This is the type of text that if you are not already in a space where you are trying to awaken the inner giant in you and trying to reach new levels of spiritual and mental awareness you will not be moved, touched or inspired. BUT if you are there then you will forever remember the lessons that are taught by the author.

I will end with this quote that I learned from when I was young girl and just now does it hold sincere meaning to me:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Be mindful of your conversation with others and try to spread the GOOD NEWS rather than the slander!
Enjoy your Tuesday!


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LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

My cuzin can never remeber her password but wanted to share this:

How true. I agree that when you notice people like that in your life, you have to ask yourself, who am I to have attracted such a person in my life. Once you notice such disgusting behaviors in others that you might not have realized that you possessed, you must change that behavior. You might want to point that out to your friend. You might serve as a catalyst for change in her life. Rhoda...