Thursday, October 16, 2008

KILLA B! Go on with your bad self! ....

Last night was one of the best debates I ever saw in my life!!!! Barack Obama was the best! McCain as usual looked like a wet dog drowning trying to breathe and just pitiful. To have that man sit next to Obama in a debate is an insult to Obamas's intellect!

Was it me or did you notice how McCain tried to use his jokes, and so called wit and charm when he could not come up with any "factual and intelligent statement to make", and if you watch CNN every time Obama opened his mouth to respond McCain was batting his eyes like he was being pinched by the "I'm not good enough for this" wizard.

I also want to acknowledged Bob Shaffer who did an amazing job as moderator, asking the greatest questions I have heard from all the debates thus far. I learned more in that 96 minutes then I did from the other 2 debates put together and I felt my personal questions were answered.

I am so very happy and proud that Obama was able to give specific DETAILED examples of how and what he was going to do, instead of pointing the fingers at McCain as McCain did to him. McCain did not once answer one question directly and clearly..rather he talked in circles and repeated a lot of the same old verbiage that we have been hearing from him the entire campaign trail.

He laughed when things were not funny and Obama kept his cool and remained serious. The media has mistaken that for Obama being "flat" and "dead" but this is the media for you. They will side with McCain now since this was his last chance to prove himself and many pundits are saying he did GREAT and Well! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! They are trying to sway your votes last minutes and actually tell you to believe that McCain should be given a shot. We know in actuality he was LACKLUSTER for a third time!

Some of my favorite highlights form Obama came when he spoke about the attacks that were made against him and what he has said about McCain over the course of the campaign, health care plans and how to make our education system better in this country. He gave clear precise direct responses, something I searched and listened extra hard to try to hear from McCain and it just never happened!

It was also beautiful how Obama brought his conversations and meetings with average Americans such as "JOE THE PLUMBER" as a point in the debate to discuss why he is doing what he is doing. He is telling us he is paying attention, he is meeting people and he is trying his best to address the needs of so many. Can McCain think off the top of his head who he has met and what is affecting them? Probably not because he can't remember.

The VOTE is clear here!!!! NOV. 4th is 19 days away people!!!!!! Let's make history!!!!

P.S. Something's to remember when you go vote:
1- Do not wear any Obama paraphernalia at the voting polls
2- Make sure you vote STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC
3- Make sure his name is spelled correctly for crying out loud! There have been reports in which his name was spelled Barack OSAMA at a poll in the Midwest.

Have a great day!!!



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