Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dr..... Feelgood....

It is always disturbing for me to hear of an untimely death, if I know the person or not, when I hear someone was killed tragically or died "unexpectedly" it makes me cringe. And of course when death happens to young people it is even harder to accept.

Over the weekend Divine learned that one of his friends, a 19 year old girl named Verdery died suddenly. No warnings, no signs, just passed on. This actually happened Wednesday November 12th, but he got the news this past Sunday. I did not know the young lady, but knew of her since we all have the same circle of friends.

When I found out I was devastated, not JUST because someone extremely close to me was mourning and heart was aching, but because this was a 19 year old beautiful women with so much promise and potential, and she was living her life day to day trying to achieve her dreams, and now just like that it is over, everything ceased.

Verdery was a 19 year old aspiring model, and she was GORGEOUS. From what I was told she died from a blood clot that was in her leg that she had no idea was there. This sounds so familiar to me because I remember hearing a similar tragedy like this when I was in high school.

This young guy was running, playing basketball like he always did on the Court and all of a sudden he fell out and died instantly due to some artery blockage.

These things happen and they are happening often. No matter what age you are, where you come from...it is happening. There seems to be no signs of a sickness and you continue to live your life day to day but are you paying attention if a sign presented itself?

I am a strong believer that when something is not right with your body it speaks loud and clear. It may be that sharp pain in your right side that you feel once in a blue but it comes every so often so you neglect to tell your OB-GYN. It can be the migraine that you seem to be getting once a month and the pain seems to get sharper each time it visits, but you take an aspirin and write it off. It can be the sharp pain in your right chest that you pass off as gas and forget about it because it came over the summer and has not returned, or it can the soreness you feel in your limbs that right now might not seem like nothing until its rheumatic arthritis.

Being in this physical shell, we are bound to have ailments and pains, and as the years progress wear and tear happens. It is really our responsibility to GO TO THE DOCTOR at least every time your birthday runs around, UNLESS you start feeling something strange..CALL AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ASAP!

Don't just make an appointment with your family doctor, if you are a woman you should be going to the OB-GYN at least annually and some of us go 6 months just to be safe...(that's me..I can be a Hypercondreact) Men, you have a "privates" doctor too..a Urologist who can give you your checkups down there and make sure you are right. Go to the dentist as well. Gum Disease is leading to Heart disease. Everything in our bodies are connected. There is NO excuse not to check up on your body as we do our vehicles. Unfortunately a light does not come on like our cars when something is wrong so we must stay on top of it.

So many of us get scared and we make every excuse in the world not to go. I don't care if you don't have insurance or not! GO! Your life is way more important than worrying about a Dr. Visit bill that you can pay over time. Don't get me wrong..medical bills are no joke, but there are ways to deal with that and granted you don' have any life threatening diseases, there are so many programs to help those in need get regular doctor checkups that you should be able to go.

In addition to this, I think we should all eat better. Don't eat processed foods in cans, and all that sandwich meat. It is no good and the sugars and salts that is soaked into your bloodstream is turning into a time bomb. Eat healthy, fresh greens, bright colored foods, leans meats chicken and fish, limit your beef intake and I would cut pork out my system entirely (I have not eaten beef or pork in 12 years) it's doable!

I ask all of you to go to the doctor. Make an appointment, get an annual check up if you haven't already. Even if you are feeling fine...things can remain silent and be the biggest problems.

My mom has a friend who went to get her regular mammogram as usual one year and they found a lump. She had to have immediate surgery and they caught it JUST in time literally. I always think of her and I will withhold her name to protect her privacy, but since then she has recovered fully, gotten married and looks like she is at least 35 and she is almost 20+ more than that.

We are responsible for our bodies no one else, from who we choose to lie down with, to what we put in our mouths to eat, to what we choose to inhale, it all will take a toll on our temples. Let's start treating them like GOLD and see the return on investment we get!

Love you all. STAY HEALTHY! LISTEN TO YOUR BODIES...even when they whisper!!!!

R.I.P Verdery May you rest in peace and your transition be easy. You are now an angel guiding us in this world of confusion. We need you until we see you again!


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Ms. Nancy said...

Its a small world my friend Zakiya lives on her block and shes her neighbor. she had an brain aneurism (sp?) saw the ambulance pull up.. and the paramedics knew she was already dead before they put the sheet over her cause they didnt want to devastate her mom before they got to the hospital.. My friend is devastated the whole block is.. they knew her well.
so sad. life is really too short to sweat the small stuff.