Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LIFE IS SHORT. HAVE AN AFFAIR.™... Who is Ashley Madison?

I think I have really heard it all!!!! I usually don't take time out of my life to blog about things I see on television and especially not TYRA, but this I think is SOOOO worth people knowing about because I find it to be just unbelievable.

So TYRA who always seems to irritate me beyond words on her show with her twitching, search for extra attention and insecurities popping off the screen, spoke about this new website that has 64 MILLION clients and counting. What is this new website that has the country sweeping by storm (silently) ..Welcome to AshleyMadison.com this is the new "dating" service for married people. I know you are saying "Na wat de rass dis"? (my sentiments exactly).

The creator and owner of Ashley Madison said he was inspired to create this site because when he was conducting his marketing research on dating services and dating sites..the "eharmonies" of the world..he found out that 40-50% of the people on those sites were married, so why not just cater to this high need of married people looking for "what they need". WOW!

Check out a commercial for this:

I just find this to be absolutely unreal. I guess this is what the 21st century has come too and its probably going to get even more "customized" for the human being. I agree that the owner is promoting cheating amongst couples instead of actually promoting to deal with the real issues at hand, BUT many woman and I will say it...are chasing their men to this.

I know toooo many men who are 100% afraid of telling their women the truth most of the time about ANYTHING. The truth regarding where they are going, what they ate, who they saw, what they would like to do, etc. The worst part about this is that they are not even doing anything bad, they are just withholding certain info from their woman because they feel "their woman gonna trip" or they know they will complain.

Its a sad day! The men of our world are being treated like young boys again living with their mama's because their women "hen-pecks" them and makes them feel less then a man. I am sorry but that is no way to live!!!! I would be lying if I said at some point in my life I was not one of those women. Screwing my face up sideways if my man shared something about what he wanted to do and it was with his boys, or if he wanted to go someplace without me, BUT it clicked for me..YOU CANNOT BE A WATCHDOG in your relationships! A man needs to feel like a man and if you start treating him less than that, making him feel like he is not running things then what you think...he will find that feeling some where else.

You cannot implement fear into another person and expect a relationship to work or be at its best..because communication fails and then what happens....your man is "SINGLE" on the low on one of these "dating" services. It is a sad situation, and so many woman and MEN are oblivious.

I don't want you to think it's only men going hard on these sites. Women are the main clients, and one of them said she has slept with 150 (yes) men in 6 months. She loves the "dis attachment" she gets from just typing in what she wants on the site and finding someone who matches her needs sexually, then she moves on to the next. Which makes me wonder...why isn't there an AIDS disclaimer at the end of the commercial... like seriously I heard last week GONHERRA is in high demand this season. UGH!

I believe that the best relationships are those who can be blissful and at their best when the couple is in each other's company AND relationships where each person can thrive and be who they are when they are not in each other's company. We are still all individuals who need to maintain some level of who we are OUTSIDE of the one's we love.

What happens when you want to spend every waking moment, can't do nothing without your mate being there etc. Once you guys are broken up or things go sour you begin searching (literally) for a life. You don't even know how to move in the world because you have done it only with this person, and that is not healthy.

From what I have seen most of theses "smuggler"(relationship's where the two people are white on rice all the time) relationships usually fail. Why because its just humanly goes against nature.

So with all that being said LOVE & LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!! Communicate and work things out with the one's you love so that you both are comfortable, its sooo worth you not being a victim to one of these sites that are taking over relationships one day at a time. :)

P.S. Ashely Madison was named in 2000 by the owner who said in the year 2000 Ashley and Madison were the top two baby names selected in the United States.

If you go to their website...Ashley Madison has an AFFAIR GUARANTEE! Serious. SMDH!

Love you all! Love the one's your with the way they like not the way YOU like.


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