Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The day is here!!! The day has arrived and like I said before there was never ever any doubt in my mind!!!! Barack Obama is the commander and chief of my nation! I am skating on cloud 10!

So now what? Well even though this victory dance will last past a couple tracks...we have a lot to do! Pres. Obama has a huge task ahead of him, and even though we are looking for tons of improvements and new found policies and a new America in general, WE too have a major responsibility at hand as well.

What is it you may ask? Well....think about it. It took us almost 200 years to get to this point. We finally have a man of color holding the highest position in our country. Even though none of us will be living in the white house or we haven't won any elections personally...WE ARE A REFLECTION of him.

WE came out in thousands and wrapped ourselves around the corners, we campaigned and rallied for him, and now WE must start acting responsible, taking part in the mission of how we as African Americans are perceived in this country. We have to start acting responsible as a race and raise our standards and goals higher.

Now is the time to not sleep in late, not call out, not settle for the okie doke, now is the time to chase the HELL outta whatever it is you want to do in your heart...we can do ANYTHING as seen Nov 4th, 2008!

I am sooooo inspired and ready to have my stake in this world. I will not stop until I have added on in a way that pleases my spirit and I have made that commitment.

It is so funny I was looking at the screen as he finished his AMAZING acceptance/victory speech and I thought of Michelle. I said wow she must be the proudest, happiest, most fortunate feeling woman on the planet! And I am 100% sure she is!

Here's to the beginning of our lives!!!!



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