Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life & the small things...

So yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of my baby girl's existence and what an emotional day it was for me from start to finish. I know that age 4 really does not usually stand out for most as a momentous age or an age that should be celebrated at such great length's like 1, 5, 10, 16 etc., but it just amazes me that WOW!, it seemed like yesterday when my dad drove me and her father to the hospital to welcome in her debut.

She is such the little lady now. No more are the days where she sat quiet and just being on my lap was enough to get her through the minutes of each day, now I can hardly keep up with her because she is into everything and what SHE likes to do, and she is telling me "mommy stop dressing me in pink its not my color..purple is" Like EXCUSE ME!

Anyway...every time her birthday comes along we always make a spectacle out of it for her. This is mainly because when I grew up my Mom and Dad ALWAYS made my B-day something special from me waking up in the morning with my mom bearing a big bag of gifts to the later part of the evening when my dad would take us all out to celebrate JUST ME! I was blessed and I loved them for that.

It is extremely important to Divine and I to make her feel just as moved and celebrated if not more. Divine threw her a marvelous school party and then she has her main event this Saturday at Chelsea Piers, in which I know she and her miniature friends will have a ball!!!!

If it was one thing I know for sure, it is that if you ever choose to acknowledge any special day for someone skip Xmas and acknowledge their Bday. It makes people feel good and I learned that first hand from my family. Does not matter what you choose to give, it can be a card with words that move their spirit because the words speak the truth, a hug or a simple phone call ( in our day text) that can make someones day ON their day!

I just wanted to share something that moved me beyond pieces yesterday. We have been living in our apartment going on 4 years almost, and we are pretty familiar with our neighbors, but have no real relationships with any of them. There is a white family that lives right next door to us and the woman is a musical instructor. She loves kids.

One day this past summer, probably June, she said to me (and this was the most me and this woman ever spoke in the 4 years I have lived there), "Wow, how big your daughter is now, she is sooo cute and its unbelievable. I remember when she was an infant when you guys first moved in the building. When is her birthday? I would love to get her something this year."

Now when she said this I looked at her like "huh"? and I replied "awww her birthday is Nov.12th but please you don't have to do that" I even turned back and said "Really..." I shrugged it off and summed it up to she was just making small talk because we were in the elevator, no biggie.

So fast fwd to last night. DeAsia and I get off the elevator at around 9:15ish and there is a Pretty pink and black bag with bows and tissue paper flowing out of it, sitting at the door of our apartment. I thought nothing of it and just assumed Divine was up to one of his tricks again. My daughter was just loving this because of course she just knew this was for her since she had been getting little treats all day. She asked "Who put that there?"...I had no answer..I looked in and it was a card from apt. #4C and the Martine family.

I could have balled right there because my mind went back to the conversation we had in the elevator in the summer and she kept her word and followed through and she did it with the utmost sincerity there was. I was sooo touched and realized that you don't see this type of kindness anymore from strangers. I mean literally she is a stranger since we have only said "hi" and "bye" for 4 years yet she held a special place in her heart for my child and added on to her day beyond words! She added on to mine too.

We then knocked on her door to thank her but no answer. We banged and banged and she finally came ( I had woke her up) with her night gown on and DeAsia and I thanked her and DeAsia told her she loved it! It was a beautiful thing.

I know you are like well what did she get her..She bought her a cute little puppy puzzle set because she noticed DeAsia loved puppies from when we had our Dalmatian that we have since gotten ride of. And she gave her a huge art center with crayons, markers, paint. FABULOUS!

I say this to say...It's the kind gestures and little things that make the biggest impact. She could have given DeAsia a jar of cookies with a card, but the fact that she showed her emotions and sincerity for someone on their special day, and she kept her word that was just great!

So if anybody knows me well you already know I am plotting on how to make it up to this woman. I will investigate her birthday and do something sweet for her OR maybe this holiday season...Santa has just a few more people in mind on his list!

Love you all and add on in a small way that will leave a big and lasting impression!!!

Have a safe and marvelous weekend!


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