Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pay it forward!

So....yesterday was a long day for me to say the least! I had so much to do and I am in the homestretch of this semester at school, which might I add.. one class is just KILLING me ..but I am surviving and will come out victorious. I am 100% sure.

I got home pretty late last night and me and my lil munchkin are towing ourselves around the corner from my place, since every night I find myself parking further and further away from my house. We are supposedly in a recession yet I see more and more people are buying cars and seem to be living pretty darn well in my neck of the woods, which is preventing me from finding a spot EVERY NIGHT and I am parking blocks away form my front door...(Not hating just saying).

As we are taking our looong walk I can't help but start thinking about all the things I will have to do once we get inside and how it is already 10 pm and I have tons of stuff to do! How do I end up wishing for more time every single night?! Why aren't there any calm, "nothing to do" moments happening with me lately?

Then my mind wanders to this little person holding my hand, who is cranky as she can be and in one of her stubborn Scorpion moods (Scorpio's are something...if you didn't know..but that's another blog. I love them to death though).

I start thinking about how once we get inside, it's going to be another mommy challenge to get her ready for bed since its late. She has no real sense of time, and think "oh we are just getting home so I am coloring for an hour, watching a little Cinderella, eat some Teddy grahams and catch up on some Blue's Clues. When "NO"! Its 10:30 pm. Miss DeAsia and time to go to sleep.

So as we are walking to the front of my building I notice there is a cellphone on the ground under a Mercedes that is vibrating. I see it and then I say to myself, caught up in all my thoughts and rambling..."Dang, another phone lost". DeAsia is running way ahead of me now and I am focused on her slowing down so I just keep walking, then it was as if my spirit said "You can't leave that phone there! Someone needs it and its ringing because the owner has probably tried to call a hundred times already hoping someone will pick it up and tell them where it is" .

Decisions, Decisions. Usually I would have picked it up when I first saw it but with all my hustle and bustle and chasing my 4 year old elder. (she is an old lady I swear)...I walked by.

After my debating with my spirit, I went back and picked up the phone, and took it upstairs. I called the number that was last called after looking at the call log..and it was dialed 56 times! (O-D I know).

Her name was Nakyia, she was a nurse, I told her I found her phone on the ground and I have it, and she can come and pick it up as soon as she can. She was soooooo grateful and could not stop saying how much she needed that phone. She lived right around the corner and was at my house within 8 minutes. (I timed her).

When she came she went on and on and made me feel like I was about to receive a lifetime achievement was awkward but I felt good! To be honest the only reason I picked up the phone and returned it was because had it been mine I would want someone to do the same for me. I live my life by that creed, "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you".

Surprisingly after returning the phone and coming back upstairs, everything went smoothly. Miss DeAsia didn't ask for her night time snack, she didn't wanna stay up and watch NOGGIN, she was very cooperative, put on her pajamas and went to bed, with a small request to get the covers off of her because she was HOTT!

I handled my last minute business on the PC and was in bed at a "decent" time.

Life is all what you make it, we get so caught up in our head and rambling about what we have to do next, when if we just live in the moment, and be present to every minute just happens and works itself out, and you may make someones day in the I did for Nakyia.

Enjoy the rest of you week and have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Love you all!!!


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