Thursday, December 18, 2008

Xmas Manners..GET SOME!

If you must give gifts this year to your family and friends give them items that YOU would wear, rock, or buy. I think it is extremely offensive when you receive a gift from someone that YOU know someone else gave them but they really could do without it, so they re-gift it to you. What makes you think that person will like it?!!! SERIOUSLY

Now there are times when I have received gifts from "elders" in my family and I said "What am I gonna do with a long button down gown that looks like it was made for somebody name Elsie" in that case I know for a fact that maybe my grandma or some other person over 65 will really appreciate and enjoy this I re-gift. BUT!!!! If somebody gives you a cheetah print hat,sweater and scarf set and it looks like it was made for Pookie's (from New Jack City) wifey..then PLEASE DON'T!

When you get a gift that is less than what you can bare to even look at, don't be mean and ungrateful to the gift giver just smile, and take it to the salvation army or give it to a homeless person directly. I mean this may sound harsh but seriously, they will really use that ensemble and put it to good use, but don't you DARE re-gift it to someone thinking they will love it..because they probably won't.

Another thing I find horribly offensive during holiday seasons is when you get gifts from people and you know they had these items in their home for years and they just decided to put it in a gift bag with pretty tissue paper and bows and you can clearly see dust and particles on it. This is not to mention the fact that there is no tag to accompany this item.

I don't think that people should get hung up on price when it comes to gift giving. Yes, you will as a human, and I know, feel a certain way when you hand your home girl some GUCCI slippers and she hands you some Bath & Body lotions BUT it is the thought! You should have made specifications in the beginning on what price you guys were working with.

Me and my 4 girls (Fab 4) always do a gift swap and we set the maximum price not to go over, we then pick names out of a hat and we exchange over dinner or at one of our house's. This year we will be having dinner in Harlem and doing this and there should really be no surprises because we know the allotted amount to spend. If someone does go over the amount..which happens...then it is because they chose to and everyone knows that was there decision.

Another thing..if you frequent a particular hair salon, barber, cleaners, or a neighbor signs for your packages all the time because you just are not home to get them a lil love. It does not have to be much! A little extra tip...maybe $50 in a card goes a long way for a tip for someone who laces your hair ALL THE TIME! Or the Doorman at work or in your building who looks out. Its the little things.

I am just a firm believer in when people really go out there way for you, you show them some love in return...and what better time then around the holidays...Do what you can! It is a this is already on everyone mind's.

My supervisor is actually cooking bags of cookies for all of us and I am hella excited about it! I love food and she is a pastry chef! Now granted she is spending $300 on all ingriedents BUT its gonna be sooo satisfying! She gets busy with the baking! lol.

If you don't have the extra cash make something from your heart, if its a dish, some jewelry, a poem... SOMETHING..but GIVE and GIVE without looking for a thing in return! Heck, you could watch somebody's kids for them while they go out on the town!

I always give when I truly feel it in my heart to do so. I am not one of those people who just has to buy gifts because its that time of year, or its someone birthday...I do it because I truly want to do it! Even if the person does not do it for me...I just love making people's day and when you take time and put energy and thought into a gift people know it.

Happy gift giving and gift receiving! Do it with style, grace and have some manners!

Love you!


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Meshia said...

I think this is a reminder that should be circulated not just on the holidays but everyday. It does make you feel good to put a smile on someone's face or to make their day. Especially when their day isn't going as smoothly as they anticipated