Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Women are from earth...Men are another dimension...

So we have all heard the old saying "Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus", and when everyone hears it they will shake their head in agreement just because for some reason its the right thing to do and some would say "socially correct".

When I used to hear this saying I would also agree but really never gave it much thought but TODAY I am convinced that this is the truth so help me!

I am on the train..an old lady gets on the train with a cane...she looked about 78. She stands by the door because she cant walk too far with the train moving and with her cane. Right to her side was a woman sitting down. Then, there was a man sitting across from the old lady and woman sitting down. Do you know the man looks at the woman sitting down next to the old lady standing there and moves his crusty lips to say " Get up for the lady, come on"..WHHHAAAATTTT!

Ok, granted it was seats available on the other side, by why didnt this man THINK to get his disgustiung rass out the seat and walk over to assisst the old woman to sit down in HIS SEAT! No..he tells another woman to get up!? Whaaaaaat ...whaaatttt! That is all I could say.

I don't know why women seem to have more sense when it comes to being RESPONSIBLE, when it comes to knowing that our emotions are tied into every aspect of our lives because we are THOUGHTFUL, when it comes to taking our time to SUPPORT our friends and family. When it comes to SHARING, when it comes to GIVING, SINCERELY, when it comes to loving WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

Men...they just be! Most of them even if they are doing some pretty impressive stuff in their lives, they still don't know how to tap into that emotional, delicate side in which they take time to actually THINK how am I making this person feel? Oh, you are having something special, let me come through and show my face, oh you are not feeling well...let me clean the house and cook dinner, better yet .GET DRESS and I will bring Dinner to you, FIVE star style! *pushing it a bit..but I'm worth it!

I know I am reaching here...but Men are soooo OBLIVIOUS half the time to what we want and need as delicate creatures. A perfect world in the mind of a man would go something like this:
He wakes up at 11 AM. Eats a big breakfast that was cooked just for him, hot off the griddle pan, He goes off to the bathroom and sits on his throne for 30 minutes reading or messing with his blackberry, he then gets in a nice shower that is just the right temperature, he gets his clothes out, plays some "get fresh" music at the highest volume it can go, starts ironing as he dances and looks at himself repeatedly in the mirror, as if the mirror keeps accidentally bumping into him (no!, his vain behind just loves to look at himself), he puts his clothes on, gets his "smell goods" on, throws on the chucks and hits the street.

His day begins, he hustles and bustles, see some old friends, makes some new ones, look at a couple of nice pretty "thangs" walk across the streets of NYC, admiring their apple shaped bottoms and coca-colesque figures, turns his nose up at a few unfortunate looking ladies, gets some gas, gets hungry, makes his way back to the crib...in which there will be more food to please his big oversized appetite, and then come to you for some hugs and kisses and a little bit more.

NOW! LADIES! I know each and every woman can relate to this EVEN IF you have a man in your life who does not fit these characteristics, and traits BUT remember I said in a perfect world for him. This is what they want. They want things simple, accessible, food, drinks and loving. That is it! Of course this is not hard for us to give them and we could supply all of this with our eyes closed because we are so fly...BUT how do we do it when they piss us off so much sometime in the process.

I get madd at my home girl's boyfriends, my brother, my homeboys, my uncles, all the men in my life for the mess they can do! Men in general can really make me wonder what planet do you live on and if you know can you go back there and get a starter manual for living on earth with us, because you are most definitely missing something here.

Now us ladies, this is a prefect day for us: We get up around 9 am...(we don't need to sleep in that late), we may read the paper/mag, we make us some tea and something light, we straighten up just a bit because when we leave the house we want everything in place, we get our clothes out, listen to some "I'm all that and I know it" type music, take a shower, take out our clothes and go in our closet and get that bag and shoes that will make that outfit POP. (this could take an additional 15 minutes) unwrap the doobie, or put on the hair...if you in your sasha fierce space, spray on the "SEXY", make sure everything is turned off, take out the garbage, hit the streets. (HENCE...TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE..TURNING OFF THE LIGHST...RESPONSIBLE STUFF)

Do some grocery shopping, stop at the drug store, ask him if HE needs anything...pick him up some things he might need, or your mom said she needed, stop by see some friends and family, help about 10 people do something (does not matter what) you gave them advice, went with them some place, helped them understand something better, and you were GREAT AT IT! You come home, if you have kid's pick them up, get them situated, start dinner, help them with homework, and look who comes through the door hungry...lol.

The days are a tad bit similar but you can see we will go out of our way and do a little bit more in general outside of OURSELVES. We THINK about the next person and what they may have mentioned they liked. We take others in consideration.

My point...BROTHERS...Start thinking about those around you...slow down and stop moving so fast...you guys move so fast you loose track of the things that are most important including those around you. Be thoughtful, considerate of other people's feelings, and stop abusing women's emotions.

Women don't wanna just sleep with you because you are in the mood. Women are very much tied mentally to the way they will feel intimately...so if I hear another story about a man trying to get some of the goodness and he don't deserve it no more than the cashier at the liquor store....I will scream!

Ladies make these men WORK for it all! They got nerves..but then again they are not from here...so should they get a pass? (lol)

LOVE Ya'll!!!!



Rho said...

ahoo.comYou ain't never lied. I feel you on this one. Men are definitely from another planet. Good to know I wasn't just thinking this.

Rho said...

While we're at it. I must add that they are the biggest babies. Okay, I'm done. lol

LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

Yes they are BABIES! lol.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I can't agree with this one. The core issue is that most men and women aren't taught proper etiquette. The mothers need to instill it in their children and then women wouldn't tolerate the bad behavior and men would know better. It is the fault of the women for attracting and retaining the losers.

I think you should talk about all the trifling chicks out there because there are too many to tabulate.

Vic said...

WHAT!!!. i cant believe you wrote this nonsense dee..lol.. Thatz that "women group" you and brie doin that got u wilding.. thinking toooo far out the box.. if all men would turn in to that " perfect" man like you claim we should be; yall would just have SOMeTHING else to say about us... Its simply the "battle of the sexes" all day, whos better, smarter, etc... dont make me start writing a blog about how ya'll TOOOO emotional and tend to think TOOOO much about other people ( that you should even put good energy into:-)... As a man reading this all I i really read was - blah, blah,blah... and they should blah, blah, blah,... when we balh,blah, blah"..lmao!... GET OVER IT LADIES!!

LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

Ok anonymous you are right! I agree 100% BUT still men do not always bend over backwards the way we do for them and STILL when you they do it falls shirt sometimes. Clearly I was VENTING...VICTOR ALAVA! First of all I agree with you too...and yes I have came at the women for being emotional and i will do a blog on the triflingness that is of the women these days! It can be ridiculous! lol.I got ya'll

AdrianC said...

I think that a lot the "insincerity" you describe is merely social programming men by societal and empirical origins have to be hardened to emotions and sensitivity. Albeit sometimes it can be a bit over the top, but when a woman's world comes crashing down who does she run to for support? certainly not another female who is suppose to be the logical rock and moral compass of most families? men. Now that guy you described was just an ass but that saying be careful what you wish for comes to fruition a lot of times and the truth is a tough pill to swallow. It is the same "thoughtless" men that women generally go for, whereas when you have a man that's thoughtful it's not appreciated for what it is. From an a**hole it's a thoughtful and incredible gesture, from a "good guy" it is looked at as the norm. I think women should analyzed their behavior as it relates to this as opposed to always crying foul when the machinations of society carry themselves out. If anything you can always count on a man to be a man but women, they are truly from another dimension, a man says: "Hey babe I am going to the store, he means he's going to the store now it is the time to tell em hey pick this up for me, a women's wiring says he should assume I want something, or why are you going to the store what's at the store?" we don't work on assumptions and intuition so if you want something tell us communication is the basis of most problems between men and women. Dam I dun wrote a blog in your blog but hope you can appreciate my point of view! If I don't speak to you happy holidays to you and all who read these posts! ;op

Rho said...

I must add that "men" are grown and even if they weren't instilled with common courtesy by their moms, they should have eventually learned it while growing up. Your mom is not the only person who teaches you. You learn alot by those around you, but are the boys turned men paying attention? Yes, the man on the subway was wrong, and so are alot of men on the subway and elsewhere. Do you mean to say that women are responsible for all those insensitive men? Women complain enough and you mean to tell me not one man has caught on that he should give his seat to an elderly or pregnant woman? Men haven't caught on yet to the fact that women are not put on this earth to serve them, but to be treated with respect and courtesy. It should be a give and take relationship, but most men take alot without showing appreciation for what the women do for them(cook, clean, carry babies, etc). I believe that men are from another planet where the most important people there are themselves. These same men are teaching the next generation of men this same crap. Women voice their opinions, but the boys are following the "men" and their bad examples.

Anonymous said...

Male bashing is just a cover for the real issues you so called women are afraid to confront.