Thursday, January 1, 2009

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.....(everyday)

Another year has came and gone...Today marks the first day of 2009 and the rest of our lives. How will you live it? Will you be true to yourself at all times and be authentic with what you feel in your heart and in your soul. Will you be honest with the people in your life all the time and encourage them to be better than they already are? I don't just mean those who are closest to you I mean those in your life. If you just pass someone on the street, sit next to them on the train, meet them for the 1st time, be genuine and be of assistance.

I heard something that struck a cord in me and I live by it, and that is "Be a good...even when nobody is looking". This says it all! Try to erase for a moment all of the expectations that your world has for you, try to focus on what your inner voice is saying to you and what your life is guiding you to do. Pay attention and be GREAT! Do what moves you, don't be afraid for life is really short. I promise it is! You are fine and well today and tomorrow can be the beginning of some news you were not prepared for or for someone close to you.

I brought the New Year in with my immediate family of 3, some of my close friends and some new ones. It was a very fun and enjoyable time. We ate, laughed, drank, played games and laughed! I had one of the hardest laughs of 2008 right there at that moment at 11:43 PM. A couple of seconds before midnight, as me and my friends played a game of TABOO, one of the players made me laugh harder than I think I laughed this entire year! And that is crazy because there is always jokes going on around me. lol.

I had to just take in that moment and love it! As my daughter is running around playing with her little friends and in her own little world, she is happy. Her parents are close by as they sit and laugh until their stomach aches, and all is good with the world at that moment. You have to just breathe it in and swallow it! You don't wanna exhale, you don't want the moment to pass, you don't want it to leave, you just want it to pause. But it can' never will. Time stops for no one, so what you do is just enjoy, be happy, brakes negative energy and non productivity and LIVE!

I plan on doing just that in this new year.



Love you! Make this year COUNT!


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