Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Trifling Truffle! EVIL B**** are amongst us! for my fellas this has been LONG overdue! "Dee why you always coming at us men"? and the most OUTRAGEOUS one "Dee, are you a male brasher"? DUH! NO! anybody who knows me KNOWS I praise and LOVE a good man! So ....Today I will focus on the anatomy of the female B***! And yes you read right!

As I watched a movie the other night with someone extremely close to me (I am withholding name for privacy), they went on to tell me about a story that I thought had to be the most trifling tale of 2009 thus far! and it goes a little something like this....

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent...NYC is smaller than you think). TRUE STORY.

Trevor and Omar are cousins. Omar's girl Sheila is BAD! Trevor always admired Sheila but never ever thought of pushing up out of respect. Circa 1995 Omar starts getting more familiar in the rap game, going on tour with big artists, rolling in the entourage's of HUGE names, and forgets about Sheila. Well as life happens, Trevor is there for Sheila while Omar is living the life. Trevor goes to Omar circa 2001 as a man like, " Bro, I love her, I know you and her are done, but out of respect I am thinking about proposing to Sheila". Omar is like "Wow, hey do you. I'm good. Wish you the best".

Life is sweet, Trevor does right by Sheila. Marries her they have 2 kids. Trevor decides to enlist in the army soon after. He cant get a break as a black man, and he goes for it. Of course since this is close to "9-11" they ship him right to Iraq. He writes, she responds..everything appears fine on the surface. He gets news ...He is finally going home...JUST RECENTLY!

So now we are at the present date 2009! He comes home to find out that Sheila not only has been seeing OMAR...she is 5 months PREGNANT by OMAR the other cousin!

NOW! This ish right here makes me wanna HOLLA! Here you are a man's wife, and his children's mother...and you have the nerve while this man is getting grenades thrown at his neck on the daily..risking his life, everyday in a foreign land so he can provide for you who ain't never worked a day in your have the nerve to sleep with his cousin and get pregnant!

This is a typical, regular occurrence within our society...women can be some of the most trifling, conniving, selfish, gold digging, greedy, jealous, SHADY specimens I have ever seen. I have touched on this before with women and women but I will focus on the behavior of the B*** with the opposite sex today.

There are women who do the following, and I know this from experience, and my homeboys experience's. Here are some prime examples:

They date one man JUST to get closer to the next. They befriend the girlfriend of a man THEY want. They flirt with their homegirl's men behind their friends back. They have children by men and tell the men the kid's are hungry and use the money to get a doobie and some acyrlic on their bum nails! They call their baby father in the middle of the night claiming the baby is sick when in actuality when dude gets there she is standing there with a teddy on waiting to be smashed and she knows he just left his current girlfriend at home. They spend hours on the phone with you, gain your trust as a friend and start spreading rumors and lies to everyone and tells your business. They don't get up to go to work, even when they COULD, they rather sleep with Jason, Brock and Maurice to get their bills paid. They think because they ride, slip and slide with another woman's man that he belongs to her and he will leave his wife. They fight with other women in the street over men who aren't there's. They go through their man's phone, email and texts just to be nosy! This is horrible!

I can go on and on! The descriptions above are disgusting and unacceptable on all levels. The women I describe are among all of us, and you might be that woman. Do I care to curb my aggressions if you are ...NO! You must stop being a "Trifling Truffle".

That is the name of the these women. Why? Because most of these women appear to be pretty put together..hott...tempting.. and appealing as truffles are. Truffles are creamy delicate chocolate candies.....and who wouldn't want some of that? But underneath that buttermilk is some of the most deadliest venom of trife you wanna see...and men and women... BEWARE!

Women are very smart too...We know how to get what we want, and in a sly about way. She will ride you ...check your voicemail..after detecting the code and be out there doing EVERYTHING under the sun...and you wont have a clue! She will make you feel like you are her only knight in shining armor and turn around and share her goodness with your boys, because their paper is longer! She will be amongst you and your friends with your girl being there and she will talk nasty about how she can drop it likes its hot so she can secretly make you get excited IN FRONT of your girl. She will wear NOTHING but a bra and panties to the club because she wants someone to take her skank butt home. I could go on for days, and it makes me sad. It really does.

I love my Sisters! I love them so much! I love when women can truly love each other and form a bond and help each other to grow, but a sister like me, I cannot do this with just anybody. I am a woman with class, respect, and honor, and I work hard. YOU HEAR ME! Just as soooo many of us are, we cannot allow this beast into our circles.

We must start identifying the trifling truffle and calling it out and making sure to keep the trifling truffle away! I am not saying save the trifling truffle for she will be the only one to save herself! As the saying goes, "You can't turn a hoe into a housewife"..never have never will. She has to rehabilitate herself, she must see for herself that she can be a TROPHY TRUFFLE!

I am no longer trying to save these bitter specimens. I have befriended some trifling truffles in my day to try to help and encourage them and they always strike! I am done. I will love from a distance and encourage them in ways that won't drain my spirit.

As my friend said to me at the end of the conversation when he told me this unfortunate story he said, "Dee, you look surprised there are evil bitches in the better know"....So I tell you .....BEWARE of the EVILNESS of the TRIFLING TRUFFLE..She is on the prowl looking for her next victim. And she may be wearing GUCCI



Have a great wekeend!!!! I plan to! BE SAFE!



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AdrianC said...

DAYLIGHTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol no seriously thanx for shedding some light on this I was having a convo with a coworker about this kind of stuff and most women whether she was feigning ignorance or not, seem to not be aware of how conniving some women can be. It some ways women can be more venomous than men. Although men can be seen as dogs you kind of know what to expect from them whether a women wants to accept it is another topic, but I have seen first hand women disrespecting their "significant other" throwing caution to the wind and smiling up in their man's face like everything is okay. I mean I have a friend who met a chick in the club and smashed within a couple of hours of meeting her the stinger? she was getting married in less than 24 hours and her husband to be would never know that she was doing that. Anywhoo, good topic and see ya soon!

LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

You are sooo very welcome my dudes!!!! I am against this speciman as well and we need to point her out! You guys are GOOD MONEY! Bank on that!

MoBetta ThanBlues said...

WOW but u are absolutely True....som woman or i should say girls are very senaky and grimmy and they give us good decnet woman a bad name (SMH).

Joey said...

I'm on it! Lol he should've seen it comin.... If she was datin your cousin first. Became vulnerable and started fuckin with you.... when you go away and she becomes vulnerable again what do you think she is going to do!
I'm focused.... DEEEEE this was good.... you need your own radio station.... or something!

P.s. Keep you head up and your eyes open.

Silk and Purple said...

Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl can I get a AMEN!!! I had my share of the trifling truffles but they don't know candy is alright for a time but men want meat and potatoes at the end of the day. Too much candy hurts your stomach and rots your teeth. You have to be a woman of substance to last the long haul with a man. Shoot. Forget have to be a woman of substance for YOURSELF. You have to live such that the worst they can say about you is that you don't associate with them or stoop to their level. The worst they can say is that you feel you are better than them......ohhh but is it that secretly they feel you are better than them? Am I feeling myself. Hell Yeah! Ohhhh girlllllllll you got me with this one! Dese women and dem....please. I tell you there are not many women in my circle and I know we don't hang or talk all the time but I know when the spirit is right and girl you tell it like it is and you tell it in love and I LOVE YOU FOR THAT! Anytime I see you I see you with your head high and I say now that's some meat and potatoes...that ain't no trifiling truffle with her tittilating ta-tas trying to trip!

BRAVO and tell them Dee! Love it love it...felt like I was in church with that one! AMEN!!!

Tamina said...

I feel you - good stuff- its so true the whoremungers lol are all around us- giving the good good women a bad wrap & we get stuck w/ the bastards- harsh-but true! good stuff though mama conscious medicine 4 reals!

LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...

MO, Joey and PURPLE Thanks for agreeing and appreciating the truth! Tamina...LMAO @ whoremungers..thanx I totally agree with you too!

Brothers Blog said...

That's a krazy ass story. And so sad but true. I'm sure it happens all of the time. Yeah it's some triflin women and men out there. We best all beware.