Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's the 411?

What is it about Mary J. songs that just always get women through some tough love times! Like I won't front, many of my friends will ride to the deaths defending Mary when she sounds a hot mess and I will be the first to say, "She aight, but she still can't sing"...this becomes an all out war and debate and people looking at me like I am crazy, but what I did not realize is that this woman has carried women through breakup's, through domestic situations, through falling in love and out of love and the message is always constant..."I am gonna be alright, cause I am fly".

One thing about Mary is she can rock a song and sing it from the pit of her soul and meet you at that road where you know she knows what you are feeling. Even if she is a little off key, she brings that wrath. I saw her in concert once, and she damn near brought the stage down (literally) she most definitely can tear up a stage. Energy, excitement and passion, that is the key to performing.

Anyway...Deandra, Why do you bring up Mary? Well I have so many albums in my i-pod..some are on auto pilot, like my soundtracks to my life...my Get hype music..my get it on music..OWWW!, you get the drift..but yesterday on my way home I decided to listen to some albums I have in my i-pod that I never listen to in its entirety, and believe it or not, Mary's last album Growing Pains is one I never dissected and listened to in its entirety.

Of course "Just Fine" ,"Grown Woman" and "Work that out" we have all heard and were bangers, but one song that moved me almost out the train seat yesterday was "Feel like a Woman". I was bugging by myself, had people looking like "What she got in HER ears"? I think MEN should play this song every single day before they leave the house...and before they rest their heads! WOW!

Please listen to this song, All I needed to hear was "If your on your way home, stop and buy me something, Boy, buy me a bag or buy me some shoes, This is a part of me I am trying to get you use to"....WHATTT! Now of course many will say ( and mostly men) "Why he can't just love her, or make a card, get creative with it. Why he gotta buy her something?". Yes he can be creative but why should us ladies take the things we love to receive in our lives out of the equation because you are with a man who does not hold these things valuable! Or a man who is tighter with his wallet then some latex skinny's. NO!

Everyone can jump on the "she a gold digger"..."she don't want me she just want gifts"..and don't mistake me..there ARE women out here to rob you for every penny you have and she still won't be satisfied. But a woman that has been riding and down with you for a long time, and has proven her loyalty and commitment to you DESERVES to be surprised every now and again with some Fabulosity and men are getting off easy when they are ALLOWED to fall short in this department!

I want little surprises all the time! That is who I am! My Mother did it for me growing up so I won't SETTLE for anything less. I was fortunate enough to get surprises every now and then from my man in my time, and it is one of the best feelings a woman can feel, especially when on top of that you are treated like fragile glass, and handled very delicately.....GIRLLLLL stop! lol.

Fellas if you cannot afford GUCCI or the new Christian Louboutin heels, then that is fine. Pick her up her favorite fragrance, a book she might like, hell call fresh direct and put in a major order and have her refrigerator stocked nicely with food and snacks and throw some stuff you like in it so she can cook it! (I am foodie and LOVE this surprise....) But these are hints and ideas to getting that woman to be at your beck and call and doing EVERYTHING you want!

It is not all about the material but the energy and time you take to make her day feel like a little easier.

Read the lyrics then listen to the song if you can! Pure HOTNESS! MARY keep speaking for the ladies and repping...That is why you are the QUEEN! :)

Love you all!!!!



Silk and Purple said...

You speak the truth, Brown Lady! At the risk of sounding like I'm from another century, I never put my hand up in the party when the DJ asks "where my independent ladies?"...because although I can pay my bills and hold my own if I need to, I'd love if HE stopped by the store and picked me up a pair of shoes...and he has.

And you are so on point. It's not about the "gift". It's the energy force that comes with it that feeds our love. Sometimes men think we are botomless reservoirs with a never-ending supply of whatever it is they need, but it's the little surprises and the love-feeding that fills a woman up to give like only we can.

But yeah, I don't think Mary can sing that well either LOL

LadyDee - Brownlady Beautiful! said...