Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Emptiest Barrels always makes the most noise.

Have you ever watched someone destroy themselves by talking way too much. A wise person once told me... "Shut up and just let someone talk...let them ramble on, without you giving much input and watch them tell you way more information than you need to know".

I have seen people do this so many times that it becomes a sport for me. I am a natural conversationalist and could hold a conversation with an alley cat and find something interesting about it. Some of my closest friends like to bother me about it, saying "Dee you just talk to people too much...stop"! What I have learned is there is nothing wrong with talking to people, it's what you choose to talk about that causes the problem.

There are people who will go at full length about a topic that has nothing to do with them, get all excited, start becoming the prosecutor for someone in a situation they have nothing to do with at all. Leading to them spilling the beans about things that are not in their place to do.

There is always somebody to stomp their feet, and yell from the rooftops about "what they going to do" and "how they feel about" a situation... then you listen and watch them put on this show, and it means nothing. Why are you so excited and enthused about something that has nothing to do with you? Why have you lined yourself up to be the person who said "this and that", causing so much unnecessary drama? Why are you now the point of reference to events that you were not even present for, when they happened. Was it so hard for you to not try to prove a point and just shut your mouth!

I think this is the worst display of character, and when I see it, I immediately distant myself from that type person, not wanting to align myself with having their presence in my life.

People who gossip and get in the middle of drama, and make NOISE about situations and events that have nothing to do with them, actually tells you a great deal about the fabric they are made of. You should love when you actually meet these type of people, because you don't have to go through fostering a friendship or relationship to know that they are no good to have in your world. You have to ask yourself, if they are doing that to an individual, what makes me different if it all came down to it?

Why would they defend me instead of stripping my character, and dignity. After all, it is clear they have nothing BETTER or more important to do, since they have dedicated so much time into the petty act at hand.

When folks have time to sit and defame someone else, or even worry themselves about the business of men, they are not utilizing their greatest potential, and they are miserable. As the quote goes "An idle mind is a dangerous thing", it will give birth to jealously, hatred, greed and a host of other non productive thoughts, that will keep you moving fast going nowhere.

I caution and advise that if you know people who fit the description of the above...to keep the distant of a ten foot pole between you and them. They serve no greater purpose to your plans and their wrath will soon catch you as well. It's inevitable.

I have learned to be extremely careful and cautious of the company you keep. Everyone, and everything that we do is a reflection of who we are. Some people learn this the hard way, and if so, better learned than never at all, but THINK... Who wants to have an empty barrel in their crew? I don't know about you, but I need substance. I need to walk away and feel filled up with something more than when I came, and if you are full of hot air, then keep it moving.




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