Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unseen strength is what moves the mountain....

I have always been the friend who if I am eating a carton of fries, I will pour them on the table and offer you half, even when sometimes...I just wanna eat that entire carton to myself. I won't say I am the most generous person I know, because that would be stretching it, but I don't mind giving you the shirt off my back if you really need it and I love you.

What happens to our kind? We get used, abused, mistreated, stabbed in the back, and sometimes stoned (figuratively speaking) for trying to be someone who just wanted to help. "Look what they did to Jesus", this is what I always tell myself when unfortunate circumstances happen to fantastic people.

I know a ton of people who just are not that nice. They won't go out their way for you if you need it, they won't offer you a piece of what they have, even if they have enough, they won't think about you when you are not there. You are out of sight, out of mind. They don't think about your feelings, and how what they say they can never take back. They are out there. These people are your friends, your sister, your brother, your mother, your father, your uncles, your aunt, your man, and your woman.

So what do you do?

Do you choose not to have these people in your life? No, it is impossible. We are all energy living on a plane in this space and time, and for us to have expectations from another being, whom we cannot control is unrealistic, impossible and unfair. Yes, I agree that some people do some of the most lowest, irresponsible, horrific acts to us when we are the last person who is deserving of it, BUT....there is a lesson in it all. I can guarantee that.

I know that at the moment when you find out that your sister has been sleeping with your husband, you ask yourself what the hell is the reason? Or maybe your father has been stealing money out of your accounts for years and you had no idea. Or maybe your best friend, has been secretly talking behind your back to your worst enemy about everything that you have been doing. Whatever the case, the reason behind their disloyalty, and betrayal, you must ask yourself after the tears, the anger and the disgust...."Who am I today, and how big is this in relation to ME"?

This question seems very simple and many would say, what does this have to do with anything...but it has a lot to do with everything. "Who am I"?, simple question, but very hard to answer. Many people will tell you what they do for a living, how many kids they have, where they live, who their parents are, and the list can go on, but this is the wrong answer. The answer is ...what is your purpose and being encompass at the moment. What plans are you making and what are you doing right now to get what you need for you. Yes, the world has fell on your shoulders, and yes their is no logical explanation for it, BUT....What are you doing right now to put you where you ultimately see yourself being.

I can go on and on about this because I have been a victim of people selling me short and not being what "I" wanted them to be, BUT, when it is all over, I realize that the essence of who Deandra is, is something that no one can break or take away from me. I know who I am, what I want and where I am going, and if someone tries to place a detour on my journey, then I have to roll with it. I know I am not doing this by myself and that there is always a higher power guiding me through the journey. As long as I know this, and really believe it, then no person can break me and my spirit.

My hope for everyone reading this is to encourage you to never let anything at all keep you from living, loving, growing, and trying MORE than you already are! If you are here, breathing, and can get up out of bed, then you have it better than 30 million people who can't in the world.

Dust your shoulders off and prepare yourself for what you haven't done! It has been waiting for you, and the madness that occurs in between was just a test to get you ready for it! Special *WINKS*....to a SPECIAL PERSON! You encouraged this one.

Enjoy this sunny Tuesday!



dj finesse said...

that definitely gave me a clear site to the situation im in with my own brother. your correct and and ill take it as a preperation for what is coming soon.. reading ya blogs.....Always a good look

The FEATURE™ said...

Wow...what an inspirational piece...I love it...keeping being you BrownLady Beautiful...I'll always be a supporter of whatever you do!

The Social Mogul said...

this was dope-this is what ive been longing-