Thursday, May 14, 2009

Take a Moment to....

I have a confession.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE my LIFE! How do you feel about yours?? Like don't get me wrong, we all have our days where we would much rather sit under a cave in Scandinavia, eating a bowl of granola for dinner, than be in the situations, circumstances and drama we can get into on the day to day. BUT, when the sun sets and the smoke clears....I would not trade in the life I have built for myself for NOTHING!

I love it! I love my spirit because it is sooo strong, and I don't let anything BREAK it! I love my insight, because it is so clear, I love my friends...they make me SMILE more than Frown, and they are soo good to me! I love my Family, Blood and distant because their actions constantly show me how much I mean to them. I love being a mother, and watching my daughter look at the Mickey Mouse Club in the mornings and she is trying to do the "HOT DOG" dance that Minnie does when she thinks I am not watching. I love eating my food that I work so hard to make and to watch my family enjoy it. I love that when something that appears to be "bad" or "unfortunate" happens that I never see it as that, and I am just always ready to move on to what I need to do next!

I am in love with GOD! I know that he has such a huge plan for my life and he shows me that EVERY SINGLE DAY in the connections I make, the opportunities I am allotted, and the moments that I see. My heart is soo full and I wanted to pass it forward to anyone reading this right now.

YOU are no different from me. You should feel no different that me! You are of the same greatness and you should never feel "small" in this world for we all make it what it is TOGETHER! I love you and I want you to give thanks for everything that makes your life work! Speak it outloud and be an example always!

Have a groundbreaking weekend!!! Celebrate and do something to make someone smile.

Love you all!


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Ricky said...

See this is the kind of energy Rixx needs to be around more often..This is great stuff Dee Bug a Boo