Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our work is really NEVER finished...

So I am drinking a cup of tea a couple days ago in a cafe waiting on my friend, and I happen to strike up a conversation with this much older guy, who reminded me of Pierce Bronson, Distinguished, strikingly handsome and looked like MONEY. :)

He was sitting at a table across from me and every time I looked up, so did he. He nods his head up at me and throws a finger up to ask , "May I join you"? I shrug my shoulders..."Why not"?

Before I go on, let me just say... I am not one to randomly "pick up guys" nor was my intention to have this man sit with me so that we can maybe "hook up". I love talking to people and usually will invite anyone into a conversation, especially strangers, so I can quiz them on any and everything. In addition he was all Gray, but very hot, but I still knew that there would be nothing between us. OK....

So....he sits across from me, he smells like the sea....crisp, fresh, clean, magnificent. He is donning a black blazer, white sharp collar button up underneath, that is opened just a bit to see his salt n pepper chest hairs (he has that south beach Italian look going on) and he has on white loose fitted denims with some Ralph Lauren loafers. I was very impressed by his smooth ensemble and relaxed attire that he made look so easy. He wore a very nice watch. Of course I did not stare, but it was the biggest face watch I ever seen and it looked like it was just taken out of the Cartier factory and placed on his wrist. To sum it up he was pretty dope.

He sits and says in his French accent "Forgive me Darling, I love Fine Chocolate". Now this almost made me LOL....because I was not expecting this man to say something like that...but then again...this was getting good and I was intrigued. I am usually the one to say something to make the other party blush or feel "surprised" by my verbiage. "Excuse me, SIR". He leans in, "My name is Jorge, I am in town visiting from Epernay, (which I learn from him is a town in France where some of the most prestigious wine vineyards are produced) I distribute Champagne through North America, so I am here several times a year...I was admiring you from across the table, heard you speaking to someone on your phone very aggressively and thought I would come over to try to figure you out, not to mention I think you are a very attractive woman".

So we talk.

Of course I go on to say thank you, and ask him a million questions about the process of distributing champagne, how its made, how I can get He answers and he is very respectful.

To sum it up, Jorge is 56 years old, has made enough money in his life to take over 7 continents and support every child in it, he has 2 daughters, who you can imagine are some of the luckiest little girls in the world. We talk and talk and he tells me his life in 35 minutes. He stresses how he had no intention on "trying" anything with me, but just wanted to converse with an interesting person. I told him how much I appreciated speaking and learning about a culture that is so unfamiliar to me, and how one day when I come to France, I will look him up. (winks)

I ask him, what was he doing here now, in NYC? He said he was meeting with a group of people who would be accompanying him on a trip to Lesotho, which is a country in Africa. They would be aiding and helping to assist a project to try to help stabilize the agriculture there for people to have food in that area.

Jorge went on to tell me about how much money he has made in his lifetime, to the point he makes it without doing anything at all. While he sleeps money is being made. When he made his first million at 28, he was a crazed young man. He had done it all, and traveled the globe more times than he can count, and what he realized, is that none of it matters. None of it matters when you walk into a village across the globe and see that the inhabitants there cant even get a drink of water. They can not look forward to dinner, when they do not know where it will come from. They can not look their children in the face and promise them anything because they are living in scarcity at all times.

He tells me, you come to a point in your life when you realize, all I am supposed to do is to help the next person live a little bit easier. I have attained great things, but what does it mean if I cannot share it and help to lift up my fellow human being. We are all just that....fellow humans first before race, gender, or religion.

Of course Jorge, said so much more to me that late afternoon. His party finally arrived and was beeping for him outside the cafe. He goes into his pocket and leaves a $50 bill on my table "Your tea is on me" (my tea was $2), he took my hand and rolled my name off his tongue in the sexiest, romantic french accent I have ever heard "Deandra, it has been my pleasure, I see your light..keep it up, until we meet again.." He kissed my hand, and just like that he was gone.

I of course, for the first time, had no words, not because of his aurora, and demeanor, but what he had to say to me moved me and it taught me so much. This man with his long money, and luxurious life, does not have to do a thing with all he has, but he is still busting his chops to help people in Africa try to eat.

What am I doing?

At that moment I sort of felt small in the scheme of things, but then I realized how BIG his impact would have on me, and I too, would pay his message forward.

Our work is really never done. We should always be grinding trying to make our contribution to the world last and count.

Where is Jorge? I don't know, but I am sure he is touching someones heart, as he did mine.

Enjoy your weekends! Live in LOVE, and be a force among many!



The Social Mogul said...

I'm glad you met someone that has such an impact on peoples lives-i bet it came with lots of struggle and sacrifice..shine up on the story-tale called-acres of

Joey said...

That was a very well written story. I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Ricky said...

Very inspiring Dee. Real talk. This was great stuff! You never know the people u randomly meet. For real.

Rho said...

Very nice and inspirational.

TheGatesofLife said...

Beautiful Dee.....Im inspired as usual.."GIVE MORE"SWT!