Thursday, May 7, 2009

That time again.... 10 cases in point.....MEMO THIS!

OK...So I was on my positive HIGH message until something "occurred" and now I have to cut people down to their boot straps and bring them back to reality!


1- Folks are so quick to offer up their two cents about a situation when they are IN the same thing and worst. Women do this the most! You can be in one of the most toxic of relationships, don't even know who YOU ARE in the relationship, or outside of the relationship because you never had a chance to get to know YOU, and then go off and tell someone else what they should do with THEIR man! WOW! Stop being an automatic flea! Causing itching and irritation...We need some shampoo for this type of person!

2- Why are you allowing people to walk all over you like you are a freshly cemented pavement. Stop taking care of everybody, and let them take care of themselves! Who said you was the MESSIAH and everything you work hard for has to go in the hands of those around you who are not adding on to who you are AT ALL! Some of these people sit at home all day not doing a thing...watching TV, Eating and being non productive while someone they know is working hard as hell to provide for them and YOU! Add on in some way and stop being a leech!

3- Who are these people walking around FRONTING like they live and are accustomed to a certain lifestyle that they do not have naturally. Their job is to try to appear to be living the life, because they hang around those who are, but they are NOT! Hate to break it to you but people can tell when you are a "straggler", stop being a straggler to people. Work on your own dreams and make it happen for yourself.

4- Women and Men stop dimming down your lights! SHINE SHINE SHINE! I don't care who says you are arrogant, conceited, "think you all that"...newsflash you ARE! If you don't think so who will. Do what you want to do, say what you want to say, move the way it makes you happy ALL THE TIME! If it has consequences then so be it! Deal with those then. Have the conversation. I appreciate my JOSIE for always SHINING and never hiding how she feels! *winks*

5- Stop being a stingy lover! If someone is treating you the way you love and they are always showing you love..why do you hesitate to show it back? Why are you so self conscious about the way you will 'look" towards that person. If you wanna send them flowers, do it! If you wanna explore them in places you never did ..DO it! ( sorry to go there..but its important to be generous and open with the ones you are with)...IF THEY ARE WORTH IT!

6- Remove the Jealousy bug out your system! You just cannot have, be or maintain the same stature as the ones around are not supposed to. Stop hating on things that you have no control over! Just give thanks for what you have, and the rest will fall into place. Work on loving you and what you naturally can do. If your best girl found love and you haven't yet...embrace and be happy for her, don't screw up your face and play distant. If your friend is now friends with someone new and that person makes them happy then embrace that new friendship and that person. More love to go around. If you know someone who is making a big purchase (car, home, boat...etc) be happy! Show them love and really mean it! Why hate inside and wish bad for anyone. Those thoughts end up bouncing back on you you do yourself an injustice.

7- Ladies why do you complain when some men are giving you compliments, or making it a public service announcement to everybody when they do. Are you not used to this? Yes we are women that is what happens! We walk down the street and a slew of men will hiss, holla and say whatever they think will get your attention. I will be the first to say YES IT GETS ANNOYING! BUT.....never do I get upset, act like a bitch or just complain about it. Stop complaining about things that are not problems and be happy somebody still "checking" for you. Believe it or not, there are some women in the world who men NEVER look at. They are invisible! So stop it!

8- Stop sleeping with sooo many damn men! LADIES! WHY do you do it? It is not even necessary! If a man is really feeling you he will wait for you. If he really is interested in you nothing will keep him away from you. If you think you allowing him to swim in your waters will keep him interested and in tune with you, then you are wrong. You need to be able to bring something to the table other than just sex. Can you stimulate his thoughts, can you make him feel good emotionally, can you make him feel respected and appreciated. Can you introduce him to new things as he should for you. Can you have a conversation! (so many people cant -- )

9- If I see one more guy with his pants on his thighs I am going to scream! Why do we think this is cute I have no idea! Why do girls even speak to guys with their pants on their thighs..I have no idea! You look ridiculous! This tight jean look is screaming to be OVER! my boy said the other day " How do you put your i pod, wallet, phone and lip balm in there making it look even worst". Spread the word that this is the most HIDEOUS look, and let us start that rumor in Harlem.

10- Don't lie to your friends! Be honest always with them! No matter what. Many say that "I am not saying this because it is none of my business and I don't want that person to blame me" but then when you think about it...we forget that if it was us we would want the same treatment. Treat others as you would want to be treated. If you live by this and follow this, life would be easy! I do it everyday and I have no complaints. Some people say "Dee, you can be too harsh and abrasive", I say " this is me! take it or leave it."

Love you all....Have a great weekend! Live and Enjoy the moment!!!



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YO, i don t think you missed one thing..LOL..U good! That s was up..Great Stuff!

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OMG!!!... AMAZING!! i need to post each one everyday this week